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Designer bedside lamps

Are you thinking about redecorating your bedroom and are looking for designer bedside lamps? Discover our advice for choosing your designer bedside lamp according to your tastes and interior décor.

Why choose a designer bedside lamp?

Are you still trying to decide on your lamp and are hesitating to buy a designer bedside tablelamp? Discover why you are right to opt for this type of light.

  • Designer bedside lamps are timeless: they are in many houses around the world and will always be. Whatever model you choose, you will keep it for a long time and it will always be useful.
  • They are versatile: are you getting tired of your interior décor and want to change a few things? Put your designer bedside lamps on a low piece of furniture in the living room or as a desk lamp. They will find new life and bring a breath of fresh air to your décor.
  • They are available in many formats and colours: the term “designer bedside lamp” is very wide and can actually refer to numerous different lamps. With or without lampshade, a small or large base, or even in an unexpected shape (such as the monkey bedside lamp). You will surely find one to suit you.
  • They are original and give some character to your interior: there is nothing like a piece of designer furniture to instantly improve the style and atmosphere of a room. Each evening when going to bed, you will be overcome by this lovely feeling that comes with a beautiful decoration.

How to choose your designer bedside lamp?

Like all quality furniture, designer bedside lamps have a cost. It is therefore important to make the right choice and not pick the wrong model, especially as you will probably need 2! Here are some tips to make the best choice.

Wall or bedside table lamp

The first thing to decide is to know whether to opt for a designer bedside lamp to put on the nightstand or if you prefer a light fixed directly to the wall. There are many models for the two types of bedside lamps. Wall lamps save space on the nightstand but require a bit more installation on the wall.

The size of your designer bedside lamp

First of all, determine the ideal size of your designer bedside lampThe criteria consists of two dimensions:

  • The width: a fine bedside lamp on a large nightstand is not very pretty. On the other hand, an overly large lamp wouldn’t go as you would no longer be able to use the space on your nightstand (and in the worst case, wouldn’t even be able to correctly position the lamp). To get an idea of size, the largest part of your designer bedside lamp(very often this is the base) should ideally correspond to a third of the size of your bedside table.
  • The height: the height of the lamp will influence the lighting of the room and your comfort while you read in your bed. To find the ideal height for your designer bedside lamp, measure the height of your nightstand. Add a few centimetres and you have the height that you should aim for for your light. 

For a wall mounted bedside lamp, the dimensions depend less on the nightstand – which is otherwise not necessary. However you should ensure that the lamp is not too imposing if your bedroom is rather small and, conversely, that it doesn’t disappear if it is too discreet in a large room.

The style of your designer bedside lamp

Gold bedside lamp, black metal bedside lamp…, in the world of designer bedside lamps, there is something for all tastes! Simply ensure that your lamp is in the same style as the rest of the room for a harmonious effect. Here are a few examples:

At the end of the day, it is a question of taste: take some time to consider different models, then go through a list of those of your favourite ones and choose the one that you like the most.

Choose the right number of designer bedside lamps

Do you already know how many designer bedside lamps you want to get? Often, the answer is simple: two, one for each side of the bed. But sometimes, it’s worth considering if you have several bedrooms or rooms to furnish. Do you want a designer bedside lamp to put on a piece of furniture other than your nightstand?

This question can seem trivial, but it is very important if you don’t know how many lamps you should have, you can’t work out a realistic budget and risk getting a nasty surprise at the checkout.

Don’t’ forget to choose the right bulbs!

While thinking about buying a lamp, we often forget about something: the bulbs. There’s no point in purchasing a designer bedside lamp if it has a very white bulb that diffuses a strong direct light, it will not enhance your bedroom. Here is our advice for choosing the right bulb:

  • Respect the indicated voltage on your designer bedside lamp;
  • Choose a bulb that diffuses yellow and warm tones of light, the ideal colour for a bedroom;
  • Opt for LED bulbs with lower energy consumption to save electricity (good for the planet and your wallet!);

Choose a bulb shape that goes with your lamp. If you install a very elongated bulb in a lamp with a short lampshade, it can go above the height of the lampshade and make it look not so pretty. On the other hand, a large bulb in a fine and tall bedside lamp won’t go either.

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