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Designer pendant lights

Are you looking for an exceptional light for your living room, dining room or another room of your house? Designer pendant lights are what you need. They are timeless and very popular, they draw the admiration of your guests. Discover how to best choose this type of light.

Different types of designer pendant lights

There are several categories of designer pendant lights:

  • Pendant lights: strictly speaking, pendant lights are lights hanging from the ceiling by a solid cable. They are generally made from a single piece (and therefore have a single bulb);
  • Chandeliers: chandeliers are hanging lights which have several elements and several bulbs. This extra complexity makes these very contemporary lights;
  • Ceiling lights: ceiling lights are lights fixed directing to the ceiling without hanging down.

We are going to concentrate particularly on pendant lights and chandeliers here, but we note that all these terms are sometimes confused in modern language.

How to choose your designer pendant light

You have seen that several types of designer pendant lights exist. And for each type, there are numerous models available: big, small, copper pendant lights, gold pendant lights… You have so much choice! So how do you choose the best designer pendant light that integrates perfectly with your interior? Here is our advice for making the best choice.

The size of your designer pendant light

Do you dream of a large designer pendant light? Before deciding, consider the place where you want to install it. If the room is small or the ceiling is too low, your pendant light will have a very cluttered feeling about it and risk making the room seem ever smaller than it really is. To avoid this, think about the model that you want to buy and the place where you want to put it and consider the dimensions. For a room of less than 10m2, we would advise not going larger than 40cm for a designer pendant light. If you want to go even bigger than 50cm, install it in a room of more than 20m2.

The style of your designer pendant light

Like any element of décor, designer pendant lights are available in several styles: modern, contemporary, minimalist, traditional, original… There is something for all tastes! Here are a few popular styles often found in homes.

  • Modern designer pendant lights: modern style is based on minimalist and clean shapes. Not surprising then that a modern pendant light is therefore simple and unadorned.
  • Original designer pendant lights: surprising with its shape and colours, this type of pendant light is designed to attract attention and is the centrepiece of where it is installed. It is unique a little more daring than other styles.
  • Contemporary designer pendant lights: a midpoint between classic and modern, this pendant light is very pleasing. It is easily integrated into your interior and has pretty details without being over the top.
  • Industrial style designer pendant lights: this type of pendant light can sometimes be confused with modern designer pendant lights, as it is also very minimalist. However, it will be more metal tones (such as a pendant light in copper metal) while modern pendant lights can also be which, gold and other colours.

Choosing your designer pendant light according to the room

The room where the designer pendant lights will be installed is very important. Not only are your lighting needs different according to the room, but the aesthetic of each room is equally unique and your lighting must be integrated into it. Here is our advice for choosing the best lighting according to the room.

  • In the kitchen: the kitchen is a lively room where you spend a lot of time. You need efficient lighting to be able to prepare your meals (and eat them if you have your table there). The kitchen is also a place where splashes, steam and grease are common. We would advise you to choose a very bright designer pendant light in a solid and easy to clean material such as metal or plastic. Avoid fabric at all costs.
  • In the living room: in this room, generally we prefer a more diffused light. The living room is less likely to get dirty, so you can therefore opt for fabric lamp shades and other more fragile materials.
  • In the dining room: the lighting in your dining room must both sufficiently light the table and diffuse a nice atmospheric light. Designer pendant lights are often found in the dining room about the table as that is where they are best highlighted.

How to best position your designer pendant light

When installing your designer pendant light, take care to position it well in regards to your ceiling; allow at least 215cm between the floor and your light so that you can walk around freely in the room without bumping your head. If the light is positioned about a table, it can be a little lower as you won’t walk under it.

Also consider placing your light in a position where it will bring the best lighting to the room. Designer pendant lights are often the main lighting of the room, you must therefore ensure that it sufficiently lights up the area, especially at night.

How much does a designer pendant light cost?

The price of a designer pendant light can vary greatly according to the model. Naturally, the more elaborate models are more expensive. Designer pendant lights are also more expensive as they are exceptional pieces. The cost of a pendant light can go from several hundred pounds to several thousands.

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