Quality of Diiiz products

Diiiz is a direct, online sales platform. The furniture and decorative items available on our site have been chosen by our team. Several elements are carefully inspected to offer you items of undoubted quality:

The design quality

Diiiz offers hundreds of chairs, sofas, tables and lights inspired by furniture produced in the years 1900 – 1980 which have become references in the history of furniture. We attempt to reproduce them with the utmost respect for the original piece, respecting the shape, dimensions, and proportions of the original models.

Eye for details:

The finishing of seams, bolts and wood gluing are some of the elements inspected during our quality control.

Our factories use this quality charter and each piece of furniture must meet all stipulated specifications to pass the quality control and be sold to our customers.




Checking at each stage:

We take pride in the quality of the finishes and of the materials used. This is why we quality check at each stage from production to delivery to your home.

Once your order is confirmed, it is ordered directly from our partner factories who produce the products and perform the quality control at the end of it. The piece is then transported to our storage area in the UK.

After the final quality check, your furniture or decorative item can be delivered. Having control of the whole chain allows us to:

  •   Monitor production and guarantee high quality
  •   Guarantee competitive prices

If however there is an issue with quality that we have missed, Diiiz will exchange any defective product within the first 2 years.

2 year guarantee

Certain of our quality, Diiiz offers a 2 year guarantee on all of items purchased online.

Satisfaction guaranteed or refund

If, despite our efforts, an item does not meet our quality standards, we will exchange it or refund the value of the order. If it is in stock, it will be shipped within two weeks. Otherwise, the time will be as the traditional timeframe of between 90 and 120 days. Please read our returns policy.

Unsure which colour or texture? Order free samples !

There is an option to order samples for certain products.

Order free samples of leather, cashmere or fabric and get them for free to your home. 

On the product page, select the colour and click “order a sample”. The colour will automatically be added to your basket and you wi receive it in about 7 days to help you make the best choice! 

Our teams are also at your service to help or advise. 

*No wood, plastics, marble, or metals can be sent as samples. 

WARNING : Once you have chosen your favourite sample, do not forget to mention the colour code in the comment box when placing your order. If this information is missing, we might not be able to order the sample you have chosen. In this case, Diiiz could not be held responsible for any discrepancy between your choice and the delivered order.

Diiiz: Fireproofed designer furniture for professionals, hotels and restaurants.

   Depending on the country and purpose of use, there are different standards and guidelines with which furniture must comply regarding fire protection. After undergoing standard fire-testing, the materials or fabrics are categorised according to their flammability and duration of fire resistance. As a family business, we at Diiiz consider it as our duty to take responsibility for fire protection.

   Therefore, we have added a range of fire-resistant products for restaurant, bar, or hotel projects. When designing our furniture, we consider comfort to be highly important while guaranteeing safety standards in association with our suppliers. For many of our flagship chairs, we offer customers the option to select fireproof foams and fabrics which meet European fire safety standards. Our fire-retardant furniture for professionals is tested and certified by leading organisations in the field such as SGS which is the world leader in inspecting, checking, analysis and certification.

To learn more, click here. 

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