This section is dedicated to interior designers, decorators, bar owners, restaurant owners or decoration stores. Diiiz offers a wide choice of professional furniture for you interior decoration projects.

We use a collaborative approach. Each quote is personalised according to the needs, purpose and budget of your project. Discounts are available for professionals depending on the size and content of the order.

We know that the needs of an interior designer, a project manager and of a restaurant manager are different to those of the final customer.

By creating a professional profile with a valid European VAT number, the 20% VAT will be automatically deducted from the online prices! If you are based in the UK, prices will be VAT included but you will be able to claim it back to the HMRC.

 The level of the discounts will receive as a professional or reseller depends on the products and quantities you are planning to order. Contact us and find out about your level of discount!


If you are an interior designer or decorator contact us to discover special offers

This service is the solution to your decoration projects or professional resale. The restaurant and office interior design sectors are in full bloom throughout Europe. With competition becoming more and more fierce in the hospitality industry, the interior design of an establishment has become essential in attracting and retaining a new client base. Several studies of professional associations have shown that the interior beautification of an establishment can boost the turnover by 20-70% in the first year. The choice of furniture for professionals must therefore be sensible, but also trendy!

In work spaces, the beauty and quality of interior decoration has a direct impact on the mood and wellbeing of workers as well as their productivity. Office space decoration and co-working spaces have become one of the most dynamic areas for interior design firms.

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