Kitchen shelves & trolleys

Industrial style kitchen shelves and trolleys

What if industrial style trolleys become the smartest piece of furniture in our interior décor? Ultra mobile and space saving, it’s the ideal piece in big and small spaces. An ingenious, aesthetic, and versatile piece of furniture, industrial style trolleys on wheels from Diiiz know how to find their ideal place in any room of the house. They’re very practical and our wooden and metal trolleys are equipped with wheels which allows you to move plates or crockery to the dining room. But you will quickly discover that this piece of furniture can easily be placed in other rooms of the house and is just as useful. Not enough space for a trolley? Diiiz also offers industrial style designer kitchen shelving which will go perfectly with our wood and metal trolley. Just as practical and aesthetic, tidying your kitchen will be a pleasure!

An inexpensive versatile tidying solution

Diiiz offers a range of trendy and modern designer kitchen trolleys and shelfing which will easily adapt to all current interior décor styles and will easily fit into your décor! In the kitchen, the trolley can be used as a storage space for your dishes. If your work space is limited, you can even put a microwave on it or other household appliances. Depending on their height, industrial style wheeled trolleys by Diiiz can be an extension of your workspace. In the living room, they can become a mini-bar or even a side table. You can even find a place for our industrial style trolleys in your office. They transform into a nice storage unit to move around as needed. And for bathrooms, you can choose a model with multiple shelves and storage spaces, or some drawers for tidying away your towels for example. Our designer wood and metal wheeled trolleys are ideal for bringing a warm element to your room. Don’t forget our industrial style kitchen shelving which is space saving in a small kitchen where they will fit in easily anywhere. In a large kitchen, it will be perfect for storing spices or bottles close at hand or even for additional storage space. Our industrial style trolleys and shelving are inexpensive and impeccable quality.

Thanks to Diiiz, tidying will become a pleasure!

Our industrial style kitchen trolleys are ideal for adding storage space in our dining rooms or kitchens. They will become the perfect storage unit for your dishes and other kitchen utensils. But there’s not just that! Wood and metal kitchen service trolleys are becoming more and more popular! A few years ago they were only used to store dishes, but now designer 3 shelf trolleys are available in several sizes and different storage compartments for storing all sorts of small things! They’re very practical and industrial style kitchen trolleys with shelves from Diiiz have different storage solutions. They have a number of compartments, shelves and drawers. Our industrial kitchen trolleys also combine several different types of storage spaces to answer all your needs. And the good news is we have a complete collection of designer industrial furniture! You can therefore combine your kitchen shelves or your industrial style wheeled trolley with your TV unit, wardrobe or bookcase. Our industrial style kitchen trolleys or shelves can be delivered to you throughout the EU

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