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Designer wall light

Do you want to install an accent light in your bedroom, office, or living room to enjoy additional lighting? Designer wall lights are what you need. They are elegant, practical, and not bulky so will go perfectly in your interior.

Why choose a designer wall light?

These wall lights are more than a simple decorative element: their numerous advantages make them an unmissable light.

  • Decorate the room: the first thing that comes to mind when talking about wall lights is the decorative aspect. Indeed, designer wall lights are decorative elements in their own right, particularly if you choose a model such as the monkey wall light, which inevitably draws attention from your guests.
  • Balanced lighting: all interior designers will tell you, the positioning of lighting in a room greatly influences the atmosphere. The combination of hanging lights and wall lights allows you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere (or a brighter and more energetic one).
  • Focussed light: one of the main functions of designer wall lights is to bring accent lighting, especially for reading, working or for any other activity which requires concentration and visibility. Designer wall lights can also be used to highlight a specific decorative element, such as a painting or statue.
  • Space saving: a quiet corner in a room can be a source of danger, especially if you have young children. Electrical outlets within reach of little hands, unexpected steps…It’s an accident waiting to happen, and a well positioned wall lamp can help reduce the risk.

Where to install a designer wall light

Designer wall lights are generally used in 4 specific places: bathroom, bedroom, living room, and office. In each of these rooms, wall lights are used in a different way.

Designer wall lights in the bathroom

Wall lamps can be installed in the bathroom to light up a mirror and bring accent lighting for doing makeup or shaving in the morning. Take care to choose a model which is water and humidity resistant.

Designer wall lights in the bedroom

In the bedroom, wall lights have one main use; they are generally the bedside light. They are therefore most often positioned close to the head of the bed.

Designer wall lights in the living room

Wall lights in the living room can have several uses:

  • Reading: reading wall lights are generally positioned close to a reading armchair and can be adjusted so that the occupant of the armchair can read in total tranquillity;
  • For decorations: wall lights for décor are dedicated to only lighting a decorative object in the room. This can be a painting, a statue, or any other element you want to highlight.

Choosing the right designer wall light

Have you decided to install a designer wall light in your house? Do you know how to choose the right one? Discover our tips for finding the ideal designer wall light for your interior.


The ideal size of your designer wall light depends on several aspects:

  • The size of the room and the height of the ceiling: the bigger the room and higher the ceiling, the bigger a designer wall light that you can install. If the room is small with a low ceiling, choose a more discreet wall light to avoid creating a heavy effect and visually shrinking the room.
  • Your lighting needs: if you want to use wall lights to read or as accent lighting, a wall light with one arm would be best, even if it is also more imposing.

The shape of the designer wall light

The shape of the light must match your tastes, current décor, and also your needs. If you want to use it for reading, a two-arm wall lamp would be very useful. A wall light with no arms would be best suited for illuminating a painting or adding some decorative lighting.

The style of the designer wall light

The style of the designer wall light is important: it must match your tastes and interior design. You can choose an original wall light to create a central point in the room, or a more sober wall light to not steal the spotlight from other key elements of your décor.

The current decor of your interior

The current décor of the room where you want to install your designer wall light is very important: if you choose a lamp which clashes, the result won’t flow well. If your interior is rather chic, choose a black and copper wall light for example. If it is more minimalist, you can instead opt for a Scandinavian designer wall light. Rest assured, there are designer wall lights for all styles and you will easily find one which suits. In certain cases, you can try combining a wall light of a different style with your current décor: the mix of styles is also very trendy. 

Bulbs used

The choice of bulb is almost as important as the choice of light: if the wall light in your living room gives a very white light, you will not get the warm atmosphere that is often wanted in that room. On the other hand, if there is a very yellow light in your office, it will not be bright enough for detailed tasks. Choose your bulbs according to the use of the designer wall lamp.

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