Monkey Wall Lamp

Bring the exotic home with the monkey wall lamp

Looking to add a touch of originality to your décor, or looking to redecorate your home with exotic objects?  Find out how to create a unique ambience in your living room and why you should install a monkey wall lamp.

The 5 essential decorative objects for a distinctive living room

To make your living room a one-off creation and stand out from the crowd, here are the 5 essential decorative objects you need: 

  • An exotic wooden coffee table.  Elegant and stylish, an exotic wooden coffee table is perfect for a living room with a unique edge.
  • A splash of colour.  Red, yellow, green…whatever your favourite colour, add small splashes to your furniture, such as cushions, or be more adventurous and use it for a feature wall (or two).  
  • A wicker, rattan, or cane armchair.  Nothing evokes exoticism more than a wicker, rattan, or cane armchair.  Install one or two (depending on the size of your living room) for your guests to sit on during social evenings with family or friends.
  • The monkey wall lamp.  This is a quirky light that is sure to attract attention.  A cute little monkey seems to climb up your wall holding the bulb.  

Why install a monkey wall lamp?

monkey wall lamp is both pretty and practical.  It instantly adds an exotic element to your living room without taking over the décor of the room.  It is also practical as it provides a specific light source.  The monkey wall lamp doesn’t have a stand, so there is no risk of it falling and breaking when you (or your pets) walk by.  This light is, in itself, an exotic decorative object and allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere by playing on the layers of light.  The monkey wall lamp is suitable for all interiors – rustic, modern, or minimalist – it will add depth to your decoration and make your room one of a kind. 

How to decorate an exotic living room?

To decorate a living room in an exotic way, follow these simple tips.

Play with colours and patterns

Choose patterns and colours reminiscent of nature, the jungle, and the exotic.  Integrate them, for example, on textiles, cushions, tablecloths, curtains, etc.

  • Ideal colours – dark green, red, yellow, and sky blue.
  • Ideal patterns – zebra stripes, leaves, tribal patterns.

Choose furniture which evokes nature

Nature is the watchword of exotic decoration.  For a successful exotic living room, choose some furniture or decorative elements which evoke animals, plants, or an exotic region.  For example, the monkey wall lamp.

Where can you buy a monkey wall lamp?

monkey wall lamp is a specific light which can be difficult to find.  It is sometimes available in stylish wall light stores but often with a high price tag.  If you are looking for an economical and easily accessible option, it is available from our website at an affordable price.  It even has 14 days returns policy if you change your mind.  

How to install a monkey wall lamp by yourself

Rest assured that you don't need to be an electrician to install your new monkey wall lamp.  All you need is a simple drill and a screwdriver.  Like all wall lights, the monkey wall lamp attaches to the wall via small holes which allow screws to slide in.  For the electrical connection, the installation depends on your current electrical system and the condition of the house (are you renovating the room completely or do you want to install the monkey wall lamp in an already finished room?).  A professional can advise you in this. 

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