Sofas and Beds

A wide choice of sofas and beds as varied as original ! We take pride in offering high-quality designer sofas and high quality bed frames.

Our selection of armchairs and sofas is composed of : one-seater armchairs, two and three-seater sofas as well as corner sofas.

The double bed frames are part of Diiiz's newest range. There are different types of beds: double velvet beds and fabrics, 160 cm double bed frames, sofa beds or convertible sofas.

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Diiiz beds & sofas for sale

You want the best for your home. You have your heart set on style, comfort and affordability rolled into one beautiful package. Whether you fancy something big and plush to sink into in front of the TV or a smaller designer sofa that can double as a bed for guests, take a look at the Diiiz collection. It’s packed with designs, fabrics and colours. After you pick your sofa or bed, it will immediately become an island of style and serenity in your home.

We know that balance and calmness matter to you. And we know that your bed or sofa should last many years while remaining in mint condition and looking like a new piece forever. 

Let us show you what Diiiz has for you.

Double beds and luxury sofas for sale

When adding cosiness to your home, you expect your sofa to be one of the apartment’s central or dominant ensembles. After all, it’s where you spend the most time relaxing, watching your favourite show or taking a nap. 

Luxury sofas & beds by Diiiz tempt you with the perfect combination of quality, comfort and modern style and invite you to get to know each better: 

  • Modular sofas allow you to assemble your resting place in a size that fits into your interior to become the point of utmost comfort.

  • 5-seater sofas impress you with their shapes and tempt a family or a small company to relax and have unhurried conversations.

  • 3-seater sofas are comfortable for daytime and nighttime rest and can become the centre of elegant leisure in a spacious room.

  • 2-seater designer sofas can do the trick for medium-sized rooms, with their luxury styles turning them into territory free from hardship.

  • 2-seater settees are chic and compact to set up an ideal place to focus and get inspired by the tranquillity of your own home.

  • Double beds ensure great sleep and can become a place of long-awaited relaxation for couples.

Whether you intend to buy a luxury sofa that merges contemporary and trendy elements or a classy settee, there’s no reason to postpone your deluxe home dreams. If you want to recreate a palace feel in your living room or bedroom without paying palace-style amounts of money, Diiiz can make it happen as soon as today.

Outfit the comfort zone you have always cherished in your heart

Not only do our sofas and beds look and feel luxurious, but they also offer functional improvements for your space: 

  • They are created to feel flattering with a touch of softness that ensures you want to rest on them, regardless of your height and body composition.

  • Because Diiiz’s modern sofas for sale are made of excellent-grade materials, they last for decades and require little maintenance. Nothing will get in the way of your nap.

  • They come with designer elements that instantly elevate the décor of your living room.

Buy a sofa online to make your home a cosy nest. Custom-made sofas and beds are also available.

A range of quality, trendy and original sofas!

Sit on your sofa and...enjoy!

Are you looking for a comfortable, low-cost designer sofa? It’s possible at Diiiz.

Diiiz offers a wide selection of designer sofas, one-seater armchairs, two and three-seater sofas as well as corner sofas. The designer sofas at Diiiz include different models such as the one to three-seater Florence couch, the Borgio sofa and the Tusk sofa.

Diiiz also offers Diiiz brand sofas such as the Los Angeles sofa, and the Lisboa two-seater sofa. And a large range of trendy fabric sofas. We take pride in offering high-quality designer sofas at low cost which offer you real comfort. This is for all our choice of materials and coverings. Our designer corner sofas are available in leather, fabric and cashmere in a wide range of colors. All to allow you the choice best suited to your needs.

A two or three-seater sofa for every interior

The convertible sofa models, two-seater sofas and three-seater couches available at Diiiz are the perfect interior design solution for your interior. The Diiiz designer sofas go perfectly in small apartments, designer homes, studios, bars and restaurants, but also for home, villa or hotel projects.

From a Florence, Trapeze armchair, two-seater Poet sofa, Borgio, to original sofas such as the Lips sofa or the Wavy sofa and the Kemi sofa, as well as our classic and traditional sofas, you will always find a sofa perfect for your interior.

Two and three-seater fabric sofas created by Diiiz

The range of two and three-seater sofas is a collection of sofas that combines quality original fabrics with trendy colors. For this quality collection, Diiiz selected high-quality, durable fabrics, waterproof fabrics and quality velvets.

For the two and three-seater sofas, the Diiiz team chose new greys, powder pinks, and turquoise and royal blue velvets.

Comfortable convertible sofas – more than a sofa bed

Diiiz convertible sofas are sofas made with high quality mattresses. The comfort of Diiiz convertible sofas is clear. A sofa bed does not have to be compact and uncomfortable. Diiiz convertible sofas are not only aesthetic, they are comfortable and affordable.

Customise the upholstery of your sofa and your corner sofa

As the sofa is the dominant feature in interior design, it is essential to choose the right upholstery. For all of our sofas, couches, and armchairs it is possible to receive fabric, leather and cashmere samples. You can order your tissue samples via our website or send us an email at [email protected]

Pleasant and decorated bedroom with the double bed frames by Diiiz

The designing of a bedroom is a special moment when furnishing a new house or apartment. We spend between 25% and 35% of our life in our bed. The bedroom is also an important place where we choose our clothes.

Even if the bedroom is not classed as one of the main living rooms, it must be pleasant and decorated according to your personality so that you feel good and can have a truly restful night’s sleep.

Diiiz offers different types of 160cm double bed frames. We have categorized the double bed frames into 4 categories: contemporary design bed framesclassic wood bed framesfabric modern double bed frames and convertible sofas or ‘couch beds’.

  • The contemporary 160cm double bed frames are for modern and designer interiors. The double beds of this category of beds use materials such as metal, black leather with simple, clean and straight lines.
  • The classic 160cm double bed frames use more classical materials such as wood. The model of beds in this category would go perfectly in more classical homes. These beds in white leather or with decorations would go perfectly in mansions.
  • The 160cm double beds with fabric bed frames is a new trendy collection which combines the desire of new generations for a modern double bed style but also uses natural or classical materials such as fabric, linen and cotton. These beds with fabric frames are custom made. The fabric double beds can be made with a wide selection of over 100 fabrics. These double beds are perfect for your house, apartment or a brand new designer hotel.
  • Quality sofa beds and convertible sofasconvertible sofas often have to be compact. The space constraint is important for an extra bed. This constraint sometimes leads to the quality of the convertible sofa being mediocre. Diiiz has succeeded in producing a compact and comfortable double sofa bed at a very competitive price. We want your guests to sleep on your convertible sofa bed.

 Diiiz double beds collection is composed of : 

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