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Do you have too many things to tidy and not enough space? It’s time to consider buying some new shelves. Diiiz has a number of industrial style wood and metal shelves and bookcases. To tidy your books, accessories or other pieces: your things will find a space on designer industrial style shelves by Diiiz.

Whichever room needs some shelves, you will be able to find what you need in the modern shelves collection by Diiiz. Are you looking for a beautiful designer bookcase for your office? Or sturdy floor shelves for the living room? Diiiz offers quality industrial style storage solutions suited for each room of the house.

Wooden shelves and bookcases in wood, accessible for all.

Do you collect items but never find a space for them? Photo frames, books, decorative vases… Choose a shelving unit to showcase them in your home! At Diiiz, you will find a selection of industrial style shelving and bookcases in wood and metal. All at an affordable price! Additionally, a loft style shelving unit is very easy to mix with other types of interior designs and styles. Our industrial style bookcases are not just for books. It’s also for other objects such as plants, decorative items and souvenirs. Our range of products are in neutral colours to perfectly meet your needs.

Need more space? Opt for our industrial style bookcases and shelves.

A messy house is a huge waste of space. Well, if you want to optimise your rooms and space, it’s time to do a bit of tidying and what’s better than an industrial style bookcase or shelves to do that? Thanks to our designer shelves and bookcases in wood and metal, you are going to be able to save space at home but not just with any piece of furniture! And that’s why, at Diiiz, we offer quality at accessible prices! All our floor shelving units and bookcases are made with quality materials such as wood or metal. These materials make them very robust and have excellent longevity. Our loft style bookcases and shelves are designed to last a long time. They will not let you down after just a few months of use, on the contrary, expect to have them for many years! All our industrial style shelves and bookcases can be delivered throughout the EU.

From living room to bedroom, an industrial style designer shelving unit will find a space.

Bookcases that were previously used in the living room are not used in every room of the house. They are both practical and well designed and can be used to display various objects. In a bedroom, an industrial style floor shelving unit can even become a central décor element. It can be placed in front of the bed and be used to tidy books and accessories, and give the bedroom a unique style. An industrial style bookcase in solid wood gives some charm and warmth to your living room or bedroom. To soften your décor, Diiiz offers light modern bookcases and designer shelves to brighten up your space and make it shine. Whether you want to create a reading corner or decorate your bedroom, you will find the right industrial style shelving unit in this inspiring selection! But a living room shelving unit is still the most popular. And even here, the options are numerous. It can be used for storage or as a decorative element. A loft style designer, modern bookcase is often a central element in the living room. It is generally very open and can be used as a setting for beautiful objects.

Bookcase or shelves?

Industrial style bookcases and shelves are available in several sizes, heights, and lengths. Everything depends on the floor space available and your needs. Our loft style shelves or bookcases are often made from metal for a more modern look. It also depends on the style of the room. A bookcase can now be used as shelves and isn’t just for books. The choice therefore depends on your needs and your personal tastes, and if you want to totally redecorate your living room, Diiiz offers a number of quality industrial style furniture in wood and metal, to accompany your new industrial style bookcase or shelves. We offer TV units, wardrobes, and even storage benches in an industrial style made from wood and metal! And all at affordable prices!

Discover the collection of wall shelves at Diiiz

Are your walls empty and sad? Do you not know how to display your decorations and items? Consider wooden wall shelves by Diiiz. Floating shelves can bring some charm and style as well as the opportunity to highlight an empty wall. It’s also a useful piece of furniture for storage or showing off decorative accessories, photos, vases, or books. Thanks to their modern and minimalist appearance, Diiiz wall shelves bring a trendy touch to your interior.

How to find your ideal floating shelves

If you need more space in a small room and the floor space is already organised, a wooden floating shelf is the right choice. This type of shelf can also highlight your decorative objects in an original way. A modern wall shelf allows several items to be on display while personalising your décor. To make the right choice, before deciding consider the following questions

  •  Which room do you want to install the floating shelves in? What is your décor style?
  • What do you want to put on the designer wall shelf? (also consider the maximum load capacity).
  • What dimension does the floating shelf have to have? Measure the room before choosing your wall shelf so that it is perfectly suited for the wall where you want to hang it.

After answering all these questions, you are ready to order your designer wall shelf at Diiiz offers quality, inexpensive wall shelves in wood which can be delivered to your home throughout the EU.

A wall shelf, a versatile piece of furniture

By choosing a Diiiz wall shelf, you are choosing a sensible piece of furniture that you can personalise according to your needs. Whether for the kitchen, living room, or child’s bedroom, our designer wall shelves will find a place! Placing a floating shelf in your living room, will see it become the ideal place for your photo frames, candles, or decorative objects. By putting a wall shelf in your kitchen, you can use it as a storage solution for your utensils or even to add a decorative element to your kitchen. Putting a floating shelf in a bedroom means it can also be used a storage solution or even a place to display souvenirs or frames. It can even hold books and be transformed into a modern and designer wall bookshelf. Consider also placing a wall shelf in your entrance hall to decorate the space and hold daily objects (keys, hats etc.). Finally, why not opt for a designer wall shelf for the office or workspace? It will become an excellent way to create space for books and files that you need for work! Our modern wall shelves are therefore very versatile pieces of furniture that can be placed in any room.

Buy your wall shelves online at

Now you know all about wall shelves. Thanks to that, you can buy the wall shelves that you need. All that remains is securely ordering on our site! Diiiz offers easy to install practical, designer, wooden wall shelves. Once installed your wall shelf has found its place in your home! All that’s left for you to do then is to decorate it and choose the items you want to display. Depending on the room where you have installed your modern shelf, you could give it different styles and functions. Everyone fines a very personal use for these open shelves which offer thousands of possibilities.



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