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Diiiz is proud to present a wide range of comfortable three-seater sofas which combine quality and durability with excellent value for money.  For you to find the perfect three-seater sofa to compliment your interior décor, Diiz has a wide choice of quality three-seater sofas available.  Our modern three-seater sofas come in a wide range of colours, styles and upholstery options to meet your needs!  The Diiiz team also makes every effort to have an affordable collection of three-seater sofas.

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Furnish your space easily with Diiiz’s modern three-seater sofas

Diiiz is proud to present a wide range of comfortable three-seater sofas which combine quality and durability with excellent value for money.  For you to find the perfect three-seater sofa to compliment your interior décor, Diiz has a wide choice of quality three-seater sofas available.  Our modern three-seater sofas come in a wide range of colours, styles and upholstery options to meet your needs!  The Diiiz team also makes every effort to have an affordable collection of three-seater sofas.   

From the iconic leather three-seater sofa, to a vintage three-seater fabric sofa, you will be able to find the perfect sofa from our range to suit your interior décor, no matter the style.  A fabric three-seater sofa will give your space a cosy touch, whilst a high-quality leather sofa will perfectly compliment a modern and elegant interior.    

Three-seater sofas ideal for a trendy living area

All our three-seater sofas perfectly harmonize with any room. Our comfortable three-seater sofas are everywhere and can be easily integrated into a studio, an apartment, a luxury home, hotels, bars and restaurants.  A spacious three-seater sofa is ideal for coming together, relaxing, being cosy and being comfortable with the whole family.

Diiiz offers a wide range of trendy three-seater sofas. Diiiz’s three-seater sofas are more than just furniture, they are decorative and iconic objects enhancing the beauty of your home.        

High-quality fabric three-seater sofas: a timeless trend

Even today, fabric is still the most popular upholstery for sofas.  In terms of colour and patterns, the choice is endless.  Our three-seater fabric sofas are cheap and durable! This collection offers a wide range of custom fabric sofas. 

Our collection of three-seater sofas boasts high-quality fabric upholstery at an unbeatable price and is available in a wide variety of colours.  The Diiiz team pays particular attention to the choice of fabrics to ensure durability and the highest quality.

Diiiz offers the TUSK three-seater fabric sofa. This is available in 6 colours: dark grey, surf blue, grey tundra, sunset red, lemon yellow and cream.  There is also the Tully sofa.  This is available in differents colours of fabric.  The Florence three-seater fabric sofa is also on sale at Diiz!  This comes in a choice of 3 colours: white, surf blue or lemon yellow.  You can also find the Borgio three-seater sofa, which comes in grey or cream fabric.  Or even the Wavy sofa, in the shape of a raindrop, which comes in light grey, surf blue or lemon yellow.  A three-seater Los Angeles or a three-seater Kemi sofa are also available. 

We also have our own range of single-seat armchairs, two-seater sofas, three-seater family sofas, sofa-beds and corner sofas with a choice of upholstery including fabric, leather, velvet or cashmere.

Iconic three-seater leather sofas

Leather is a material made to last the test of time without breaking down.  Choosing a three-seater leather sofa is to opt for quality and sustainability! 

In our range of classic leather sofas, we have wonderful three-seater sofas. 

Maybe, you’d rather a simple and precise sofa to bring a touch of class to your interior?  The harmony of shapes within the Florence three-seater sofa signifies elegance and refined design.  This comfortable designer sofa comes in white, cognac, black or for a splash of fun, red leather. 

The leather three-seater Borgio sofa would give the same effect and comes in two colours: black or cognac.  Still not sure which sofa to choose from our vast collection?  If you want to combine a generous sized sofa for the whole family with high-quality design, then the magnificent Kémi three-seater sofa, available in white or black, or the Trapeze sofa would suit your needs!

As part of our collection, Diiiz has a the famous sofas in history – the Camelia sofa.  More than just a colourful vision, the Camelia sofa combines innovation and modularity to give your décor a touch of originality and warmth.  In addition to being available in 5 classic leather colours, the Lisboa sofa is available in black or brown calfskin, something to please fans of unique interiors.

Order your samples of leather, fabric, velvet of cashmere via our website or contact us by email via the following address: [email protected]  

Three-seater sofas for large families

Rearrange your living space into a physical invitation for family bonding. Made with togetherness in mind, Diiiz’s three-seater sofas for sale perform the double function of caring about your body and serving as the perfect backdrop for laughter and movie nights. Nothing could be better for your gatherings.

Do you have more than one kid or often arrange parties? We also have 4+ seaters for your apartment, house, or commercial space. Think of our extra-spacious sofas as inviting hubs for relaxation and socializing, which makes them ideal for small and large get-togethers.

3-seater sofa that blends in

We are not going to quell your shopping and design-matching excitement. Instead, we want you to unleash it on our collection of materials, styles, and upholstery options. Whether you’re drawn to an always-the-right-choice leather or the visual warmth of fabric, it only takes a glance to find your go-to modern sofa/3-seater.

This collection is your jumping-off point for:

  • Leather elegance. You can’t go wrong with leather if you have an active family. This material is the most enduring companion for a three-seater sofa. It’s naturally resistant to creases and lets you stop worrying about minor spills and ugly aging effects. Our leather options preserve their ‘young’ look in Camelia, Nuvolo, Lisboa, Florence, Borge Mogensen, Trapeze, and Kemi styles.

  • Fabric softness. Cushy and enticing, the fabric 3-seater settees for sale are homeowners’ aesthetic dreams come true. With a strong touch of sophistication, this material remains a favorite trend in upholstery, like all those colors and patterns available in fabric designs. The most beautiful of them are brought together in our TUSK, Lydia, Lena, Ashton, Jones, and TULLY collections.

Striking the most appealing color balance is never a nuisance with Diiiz. Because our furniture is made for your preferences, you can easily select an admired color for a 3-seater couch for sale and check it out in all its beauty. See whether darker hues, sunset red, cream, soothing blue, crisp white, or any other style matches your home.

Modular 3-seater settees for sale

If you are dying for a lifestyle companion that won’t take up much space, Diiiz’s modular 3-seaters are to the rescue. Because they are a cinch to reconfigure, they are quick to adjust to your ever-changing preferences, be it a cozy family movie night or a lively get-together. Your space, rules, and style – leave the rest to a modular sofa.

For comfortable features coupled with modularity, you will want to check out our Camelia, Nuvolo, and TULLY styles. Even though they are different, they share some practical and aesthetic benefits:

  • Versatile configuration. Tailor your relaxation-inspired arrangement to match your spatial constraints. A cheap three-seater sofa with movable features is always ready for the perfect setup to accommodate the whole family or just two of you. It’s up to you to configure a cozy corner arrangement, a spacious open layout, or anything in between.

  • Endless customization. It’s your home and interior rules, and Diiiz is here to obey. Get a three-seater – modular or not – in the fabric, color, and layout you’ve imagined. You can select available sofa options or request customization for the coziness features unique to your space.

  • Seasonal adaptability. Your living space doesn’t have to look the same in winter and summer. Diiiz’s three-seaters empower you to refresh your abode whenever inspiration strikes. Pull off a spontaneous rearrangement during a seasonal makeover, or keep your sofa away from windows when it’s cold. Modular elements make this so much easier!

Make sure it brings your dream interior to life, and order a three-seater sofa online. We ship to the entire EU and the UK!



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