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Quality tables for bars and restaurants for the hospitality Market

Diiiz offers you its brand-new range of furniture for HORECA professionals. Looking to develop your professional space in the best way possible? Stop looking around, you're in the right place! Diiiz combines the best of both worlds for you by offering unique professional dining tables at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. These hospitality tables will add character to your business while being solid and aesthetically pleasing.

Whatever the type of professional establishment you are looking to develop, the rule is the same: choose quality professional furniture that will be both functional andcomfortable for you and for the customer, respecting the style and atmosphere you want to bring to your business.

As you know, restaurant and cafe furniture can make the difference when it comes to making your business attractive. Whether for a restaurant, a bistro, a café-bar, a fast-food restaurant, a hotel, a snack bar or a busy restaurant, the choice of HORECA furniture is very important as it must meet the requirements of you and your customers. Among our range of interior furniture for restaurants you will find tables for HORECA professionals in different shapes, sizes and heights that will satisfy you both on the practical and aesthetic level.

Hospitality market - CHR tables and chairs that will give your customers the desire to settle and stay for the success of your professional goals

When visiting your commercial space, your customers are looking for a comfortable and pleasant experience. Thanks to our professional furniture, you can make your HORECA space an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment to be in! At Diiiz, we can help you satisfy your guests. Our catalogchaises loungeue of professional tables will help you create an atmosphere conducive to entertainment, relaxation or work. Whether your business is a trendy restaurant, a neo-restaurant, a charming hotel or a lounge bar, our CHR furniture solutions are functional, trendy, durable, and easily adaptable to different types of spaces.

Our team is at your disposal, we imagine and create the desired atmosphere by developing and equipping your HORECA enterprises and projects. Our mission is to contribute to your success! We work together to offer you a complete solution for the layout of your interiorstableschairsstoolslampssofas, beds,lounge chairs, wall decorationsbenches.

Diiiz invites you to discover its new range of tables for bars and restaurants. Among our wide choice of styles of dining tables, you will find those that will match your professional establishment on every level: height, shape, material, style.

How to choose the height of your Bar & Restaurants furniture according to the layout of your commercial space

How high the legs are on your dining tables is an essential decision to be taken correspond to the type of your commercial surface. Three types of height are available among the furniture for cafe and restaurant.

Standard table: The height of the legs of a standard type table is between 680mm and 720mm. These professional tables are ideal for use as a restaurant tablecafe table, or bar table. The Cindy round table, the Classica rectangular dining table, the Oslo square restaurant table and the HORECA Tripod table perfectly match this description.

High table:legs of a high bar table have a height varying between 107cm 110cm. These high professional tables are ideal for use in clubsbars, bistros or neo-restaurants where you eat on the go.  Models include the Lix high wood and metal table.

Low table: These tables are generally between 450mm and 500mm high and are mainly used in cafés,bistros,lounge areas of a restaurantor in the reception halls of hotel establishments.

The choice of the base of your dining table according to the layout of your commercial establishment

Several types of table legs are available at Diiiz.  This allows you to cover all your needs regarding the layout of the space of your bar or restaurant room. We offer you the possibility of furnishing your establishment with 4-legged tables (rectangular wooden tables and Lix-inspired metal tables), 3-legged tables (Scandinavian tripod tables),2-legged tables (Vega design tables) and tables with a central round base(Lamina table) or tables with a square central base (Rita marble table). The advantage of a central stand is the ease of ground maintenance, which is essential in fast food places and cafes. All these legs provide great stability to the sturdy dining table regardless of the size of the tops. 

Optimise the space of your room with quality modular tables

The size and shape of the tops also play a role in the choice of a hospitality table. Make your selection from three types of tops and several sizes of HORECA professional tables:

Round tables 60 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm in diameter: often used in upscale gourmet restaurantsround tables are more comfortable but require more space on the floor.

Square tables 60 cm, 65 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm: the rectangular and square tables are more flexible and therefore easier to place in a restaurant than the round tables.

Rectangular table 120x80cm, 120x60cm, 160x80cm, 140x80cm, 130x70cm, 190x80cm.

To guide you in the selection of your furniture, it is important to know your clientele well. Take into consideration the capacity of your commercial establishment. Diiiz offers you the possibility to opt for modular tables:2-person tables (Oslo restaurant bar table), 4-person tables (Karina restaurant bar table),6-person tables8-person tables (Camila restaurant bar table). Our HORECA furniture adapts to various configurations of your interior layout. For small spaces and for more possible combinations, opt for 2-person tables or 4-person tables rather than bigger tables because the layout of your room will be more flexible.

Restaurant and Café tables to mould the interior in your image

As a HORECA specialist, it is important for your business establishment to reflect your own identity and the image you want to convey to your customers. At the same time, your CHR furniture must also be of superior quality and suitable for continuous use. Indeed, apiece of furniture transmits the corporate vision that you want to convey to your employees, your customers and your partners, so it must be in line with your vision.

At the moment, mixes of styles and colours are trendy. The contrast of materials such as wood and metal is in vogue, as is the use of complimentary colours. In terms of styles, both the Scandinavian style and industrial style are currently popular. On the Scandinavian side we have: the Cindy round tablethe Oslo square tablethe tripod tablethe CHR Oslo restaurant tablethe Lahti restaurant tablethe Cindy restaurant table.

On the side of industrial design we have: the Tolix-inspired square table, the Lixrectangle tablethe Lix round table the high Lix table, Vega bar table, the Roxy bar table, the Katrina bar table Karina, the Luisa restaurant bar table, the Camila restaurant bar table, the Lamina restaurant bar table and the Delta restaurant bar table.

Long set aside, marble and quartz leave the grand palaces and make their return to everyday spaces. Essential for a refined and elegant interior, the Bruno table and the Rita table are made for your commercial establishment. These luxurious tables are available with a black or brass central base.

Contemporary, classic, rough, the traditional table model shave survived through the years. Adaptable to many settings, your customers will feel good around these warm and friendly tables. The CHR Roma restaurant tables, the Horeca Architect table and the Horeca Classica restaurant table will be perfect to bring a timeless touch to the commercial space.

As you can see, our range of quality HORECA tables cover many styles and will allow you to shape your interior and create various universes that correspond to the atmosphere of your business. Our products combine strength, style, refinement and comfort to create quality dining spaces to delight the regulars of your HORECA establishment.

Arrangement of a breakfast room: Choosing tables and chairs for comfortable restaurants 

The development of a well-thought-out dining room plays a decisive role in the attractiveness of a commercial space and the customer experience. These elements are essential for the success of your commercial enterprise. However, it is also important to pay special attention to comfort, that of the customers, but also your own! 

As such, the layout of the breakfast room or restaurant of your hotel deserves special consideration. Depending on whether you run a restaurant, a hotel complex or a bistro, the choice of CHR furniture will be different.

The variant to consider in this case is the time that the customer will spend in your establishment. If the average customer spends more than 2 hours in your commercial establishment, opt for quality comfortable chairs with armrests in which the customer will feel relaxed. On the other hand, if they spend less time here, you will be able to favour style over comfort and you can opt for trendy chairs or even high tables with trendy stools.

When choosing your professional furniture, also reflect on how much time you spend maintaining your HORECA furniture. For easy daily cleaning of your restaurant tables, choose easy-care, stain resistant tops such as MDF or laminate.

A personalised offer for your professional layout according to your Hospitality market enterprise, your space and your budget

Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and help create an offer tailored to your requirements and your budget. As you can see, the professional range that we offer covers a large area of HORECA projects:bar furniture, fast food furniture, patio furniture, hotel furniture, snack furniture, coffee furniture, furniture for restaurant, furniture for restaurants, furniture for bistros and many others.

Interior design consulting - Creation of your bar or restaurant project in a 3D image

Are you looking for an interior designer for a commercial development project?

We can help you create an original restaurant or bar space at an affordable price! Our goal is to create a unique restaurant concept that will distinguish you from your competitors.

What do we offer?

- Online interior decorating advice

Give us your plans, your style and your budget and we will send our proposals in 2 weeks

2D and 3D visuals in ultra-realistic high resolution

A "shopping list" with furniture negotiated with Diiiz and other furniture suppliers

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