Mlle Jo - Belgian Designer

Mademoiselle Jo was created in 2019 by Belgian stylist and designer Joan Bedronne. A stylist in prestigious lingerie houses for 25 years, she decided to use her years of experience to create works of exceptional character. Her intention is to offer something beautiful, different while still useful, versatile and sustainable.

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Joan Bebronne, passionate designer

A graduate of fashion design from La Cambre, Brussels, Joan has been using her creative talents in the service of fine lingerie for 25 years. Quickly recognised for her artistic vision, she received numerous awards and worked in prestigious design houses where she created trends, colours, and textiles.

In 2019 she expanded her repertoire to designing furniture. Metal, concrete, wood, wool, glass, paper…Joan created exceptional objects reflecting a certain poetry, but keep a functional aspect at the heart of the creation process.

Her approach is based on intuition, with a fascination for the materials and the intention to offer something beautiful and different. Her experience as a stylist makes her work unique. Finesse and precision are more than present in all her work.

Her vision delicately weaves together heritage and technology, with a desire to offer items at fair prices, produced with great care in Belgium and Europe. Small series allow control of over each piece, a hand finished for turned wood and inlaid brass, thus highlighting a sometimes-forgotten knowledge.

Joan’s creations bring a smile, are useful and versatile, designed to last and are meant to be passed on.

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