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Diiiz offers a wide range of chairs : kitchen chairs, dining chairs, design chairs, wooden chairs.

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Diiiz designer chairs, the perfect balance between Vintage and Modern

Designer or vintage chairs for all budgets

Looking to buy economical designer kitchen or dining room chairs?  Diiiz has a range of high-quality designer chairs

You have come to the right place!  Diiiz is the best online site to buy high-quality and economical vintage designer chairs.  Whether you are looking for a living room chair or a high-quality dining chair you will find the best chairs and the best designer chairs "Made in Europe" on the Diiiz website.  Diiiz's range of famous chairs includes classic and modern chairs.  All these vintage designer chairs can be delivered to your home in the European Union.       

Modern and Distinctive chairs that reflect your personality

Diiiz sells chairs Inspired by different eras that have left their mark on the design world.  

At Diiiz you will find designer armchairs, vintage wooden chairs, rocking chairs, designer ergonomic chairs, metal chairs and so many other models of contemporary designer furniture.  All our designer chairs are sold with a high-quality finish at affordable and economical prices.  

Diiiz has more recently added a wide range of contemporary chairs such as the Alpha chairs, and other chairs made In Europe.  The collection of Bella designer chairs is also available within the EU. 

Wooden and Metal chairs

Choose your designer chair whose colour matches your Interior perfectly.  Diiiz designer chairs are high-quality chairs.  You can choose from a vast range of designer chairs - wooden chairs like the Wishbone chair, the Chestnut chair, the Serie chair, and distinctive plastic chairs such as the Magis Vanilla chair, the Victoria and Louis Ghost chairs, and the Alpha chair.  We also stock designer wooden chairs and retro metal chairs like the One chair, the Bettie chair, the Rose chair, and many others.        

The Veil golden designer chair is the most luxurious model in the Diiiz collection thanks to its high-end gold finishes.    

Economical high-quality chairs for professionals! 

Diiiz's range of retro designer chairs are inspired by different eras.  Diiiz brings new life to these design icons.  Our goal is to be able to offer our customers high-quality economical chairs.  

Diiiz works with many interior designers and architects on interior design projects.  Diiiz can provide high-quality designer chairs for dining rooms, professional chairs for hotels and chairs for the HORECA industries.  Our teams are on hand to answer your questions for both private and professional projects.    

Diiiz's range of retro vintage chairs are ideal for any interior design project.  The professional chairs from Diiiz are high-quality and can be used to fit out and decorate restaurants, hotels, guest rooms or offices.  Diiiz also works with HORECA professionals and interior designers on development projects.  Many offices in France, Belgium, and across Europe use Diiiz professional designer chairs.  

For example, the Alpha chair is suitable for both a private dining room and an office room.  Alpha chairs and Pacha chairs are comfortable and literally envelop the people who sit in them.  Vanilla chairs are also suited to dining rooms, restaurants, or meeting rooms.  Their airy and structured appearance offers comfort with a minimalist design.  Other chairs such as the Chestnut chairs will make your home or workspace sparkle.  Dare to decorate your home with distinctive and high-quality designer chairs

Personalize your interior with designer chairs

Our designer chairs are avaiable in many variations and colours.  Personalize your space by choosing the style and colour that best suits you and that will blend in perfectly with your room.  

Choice of colours

  • Add a touch of pizzazz with vibrant colours. 
  • Highlight the décor of the room with more neutral chairs like the transparent designer chair
  • Give a luxurious look to your living room or bedroom with a designer velvet chair

With so many different patterns as well - solid colours, a mix of colours or mismatched patterns - you're truly spoiled for choice!

Choice of materials

Designer chairs are, by definition, decorative objects in their own right.  With a vast variety of colours and styles available, you can truly customize your interior to suit your tastes.  

The material used is also an important element to consider.  Each material gives a different look and impacts the atmosphere of the room.

  • Leather gives a very specific character to the room and suits both modern and traditional styles.  Natural leather, in particular, is associated with luxury and comfort.  
  • Plastic is a relatively new material, but it has been used by some of the greatest creators of designer chairs.  Plastic designer chairs are now widespread across the world, and they are known for their look as well as their practicality. 
  • Wood is probably the most traditional material for making chairs.  Wood brings a warm touch to your designer chair.  
  • Metal can be added in small touches on your designer chair, for example the legs, or the whole chair can be made of metal.  That makes it look very modern.  Metal comes in many colours – red or bright yellow for a vibrant appearance, gold to give the room a luxurious tone, etc.   

Indoor and Outdoor designer chairs

Designer chairs are not just for inside, they can also be used outdoors and complement your patio.

Indoor designer chairs

Designer chairs specifically for indoor rooms can be made from more delicate materials since they will not face bad weather.  Velvet designer chairs, for example, are beautiful in a living room or lounge and will give a luxurious and modern style to your home.  Natural leather chairs will also add character. 

Be sure to choose a designer chair model suited to the room where it will be used.  If you want to use the chair in the living room, choose a lower and bulkier chair so that it blends in with your sofa.  If it is going to go in the kitchen or dining room, it should be adapted to the size and shape of your table so that your family, friends, or guests can enjoy their meal comfortably.  

Outdoor designer chairs

The selection of designer chairs for outdoor use is a little more limited, as the materials must be able to withstand the realities of the weather.  Fortunately, there are still a lot of options - plastic, metal, or treated wood designer chairs - simply make your choice!  

Outdoor designer chairs are essential for enhancing a hotel or restaurant.  Used on a home terrace they will attract a lot of compliments.  

Not sure about whether the chair model you want is suitable outdoors, please don't hesitate to contact our specialists via our chat or by phone, they are always happy to help!  

Top tip: if you need a large number of chairs to accommodate your guests, choose stackable designer chairs to save space!  

How to maintain a designer chair?

The maintenance of designer chairs depends on the materials used.

Maintenance of designer wooden chairs

To clean wooden designer chairs, use a cloth soaked in a mixture of hot water and Savon Noir (black soap).  There are also speciality wood products available.  

Maintenance of designer velvet chairs

Velvet designer chairs are easy to maintain.  Regularly run a brush over the fabric to keep it all facing the same direction (velvet is a two-way fabric) and to remove the dust.  Occasionally use a damp cloth to remove stains but be sure to dab the stained area first so the stain does not settle into the fabric.

Maintenance of designer plastic chairs

Designer plastic chairs are one of the easiest to clean.  Just use the soft side of a sponge and soapy water to clean up the dust, smudges and grime that gathers, especially on outdoor chairs.  

Maintenance of metal chairs

Metal is also easy to clean.  Simply wipe the chair with a cloth dampened with soapy water and dry immediately.  Be careful not to scratch the chair to avoid damaging the colour.

Maintenance of designer leather chairs

Leather is a slightly more delicate material.  To clean, use cleansing milk or moisturising milk.  These nourish the leather and restore shine, as well as removing stains.  For encrusted stains, use a sponge soaked in water and vinegar.  Specialized products are also available.  Be careful with leather and always patch test a new product on a small, discreet area to make sure it won't damage your chair.  

The most famous designer chair models 

Here are some models of famous designer chairs that you have probably come across at least once in your life.

  • Casie designer chair: the mixture of wood and plastic creates a charming chair.  Depending on the colour chosen, the HYGE B2 chair is classic, trendy, and vibrant or refined and elegant.  Something for everyone! 
  • Bella fabric designer chair: this chair is undeniably one of our must-haves. The Bella chair gives your dining room a chic and modern touch.  Extremely comfortable, it is available in several colours, both for the base and the fabric seat.
  • Wishbone designer chair: this chair with armrests is a timeless classic.  A mix of solid beech wood and rattan, it has a natural side that lasts through the ages and allows it to fit into many styles of decoration. 
  • Monster designer chair: this plastic chair with its beautiful, curved lines brings a modern and trendy element to your table.  Available in many colours, it adapts to all styles.  It’s also stackable, making it particularly easy to store.
  • Jeanne designer chair: a lounge chair with a classic design, the Jeanneret chair is chosen for its comfort and robustness.  It comes in a cane version, for a natural and classic effect, or a padded version, for a cosier style. 

Diiiz offers exceptional designer chairs at affordable prices so that you can furnish your space without breaking the bank. 

French or Scandinavian design, something for everyone! 

Our chair models are suitable for many styles.

  • Scandinavian style: the guiding principle of Scandinavian design can be summed up in one word: “Hygge”.  This Danish term roughly translates as “cosy atmosphere”.  This concept gave birth to several designer chairs of the same name.  Simplicity and comfort are the watch words of this interior style trend.
  • French provincial style: more traditional, this style uses rustic textures and pastel colours to create a sophisticated look.  Designer wooden chairs are the perfect complement to the French provincial style. 
  • Bohemian style: inspired by travel, the Bohemian style is very warm.  By focusing on natural materials, light colours and a touch of the exotic, graphic patterns, and subdued light, it immediately transports you to another world.  Designer cane chairs, or those that mix wood and fabric, for example, fit perfectly.  
  • Industrial loft style: based on shades of white, grey, and black reminiscent of factories, designer metal chairs are ideal for an industrial style interior.  Wooden elements add a warmth. 
  • Eclectic style: the eclectic style mixes colours, textures, and cultures to create a space full of creativity and an exotic atmosphere.  Designer chairs in velvet or coloured fabric are perfect for this type of décor which is inspired by a mix of ethnic trends from around the world.
  • Mid-century modernism: mid-century modernism is based on design trends of the 50s and 60s and recreates a timeless atmosphere.  The flagship material of this style of design is wood which in itself is a very popular material for interior furniture. 

Have an idea and looking for the perfect designer chair to fit your interior?  Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or chat.  We will be happy to show you the best models from our range of chairs to suit your preferences. 

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