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Hikvision CCTV camera kit

Diiiz and Hikvision have teamed up to offer you a large range of video surveillance camera kits and the opportunity to buy and install your own complete, and simple to use, security system.

Do you want to improve the surveillance of your home, business, or store? Are you aiming to secure a private property, storage, school, shed, farm, or a stable? The Hikvision equipment that we offer in our online store will certainly answer your needs.

Among our wide range of surveillance kits, you have the choice of acquiring a set of products from the number one world brand in the area of security and video surveillance. You will find the ideal solution to secure your home or place of work among the products selected by our teams.

Diiiz offers complete and ready to be installed video surveillance kits, so as to make it easier to get started with your professional and accessible security system.


In the security camera kits offered, you will find:

  • 2 to 8 domed IP cameras with PoE power supply
  • Exterior1 and/or interior cameras, turret cameras2, bullet cameras3 and mini cameras with integrated microphones.
  • Resolution available in full HD (1080p)/ full HD+ (4mp) with night vision from 30 to 40 metres depending on camera model
  • Micro SD cards up to 256 GB and preinstalled hard discs with 1 or 2 TB;
  • professional video recorder (NVR) with 4 to 8 PoE cables
  • Combinations of top of the range products: Hikvision, Uniview and Logon, all compatible with each other
  • Power supplies, cables, and screws necessary to install your kit.

1 : Hikvision exterior cameras are equipped with the additional option of “areas of interest” (AOI) allowing you to specify which area of the image must be filmed in high resolution, the rest of the image will be in a lower resolution.

2 : Hikvision turret cameras provide a high resolution image, even in cases of strong back light thanks to the WDR technology of 120dB

3 : Hikvision bullet cameras are recognisable by their cylindrical shape and their superior case which protects from rain and UV light. The aim is to not move and capture images of a previously decided area.

Highlights of the video recorders available in our camera kits

The built-in network of video recorders supports up to 4k resolution for video recording as well as the following compressions: H.265+, H.265, H.264 and MJPEG. The higher the compression, the more the NVR guarantee bandwidth savings.

Third-party linked IP cameras with video recording conform to ONVIF protocol (Profile S, Profile G, Profile T). This signifies that the network video devices have standardised communication, and interoperability between them, no matter the brand.

Thanks to the most recent version, Profile S, you can: access the feed directly, record video and audio, control PTZ cameras, configure movement detection, record to an NVR and make replay the video.

Among the NVR that we offer, several have simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs. But also Plug & Play with 8 independent PoE network interfaces.

Why choose a Hikvision survellance kit fed by PoE?

With PoE video surveillance kits, you benefit from a simplified installation which will save you precious time. PoE technology (Power over Ethernet) will avoid powering the IP camera via 12Vcc power. The camera is connected by an ethernet cable to allow the transmission of power. No need to install an electric point close to your IP camera.

 Advantages of a PoE video surveillance installation are numerous: only needing one cable (RJ45 cable), you simply connect the cable to the Hikvision video recorder (NVR) IP camera, and the IP Camera will recognise and install it automatically.

The more devices on a network, the more likely it is that one will fail. With a PoE installation, you have the possibility of using less devices, which reduces the risk of failure.

Hikvision video surveillance kits: what you need to know

The video surveillance kits have so called intelligent surveillance cameras which can detect movement day or night. If the cameras detect an intrusion, they can automatically take photos of the action which triggered the motion sensor.

Several of the kits also contain completely autonomous video surveillance cameras which work without the need for a computer connection. The Hik-Connect application allows you to view recordings remotely and in real time on smartphones or tablets. The cameras also support cloud upgrade.

Several video surveillance kits have cameras with Exir 2.0 technology. This technology provides a better quality image thanks to better management of light at night. Compared to conventional infrared cameras, the high quality Exir 2.0 Hikvision offers the most advanced level of night-time surveillance on the market, both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of cameras included in the video surveillance kits

Multiple cameras feature optical glass and IR reflective windows which allows light to transfer better and increases the infrared transmission.

Thanks to CMOS sensor, the cameras provide high quality images. With Smart IR, the cameras can adjust the intensity of the camera’s infrared LED to compensate for the distance to an object so as to not overexpose the object. On the other hand, Easystar technology guarantees high quality images in less well-lit environments.

Equipped with DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), the cameras can avoid all image disruptions thanks to digital filtering of certain frequency parts. This technology detaches the noisy part from the video signal to the camera for better analysis of the video frequencies.

You will find Turret cameras with different functionalities in the kits. For example, with AI, the IP camera only detects humans, vehicles, or both. This new generation of cameras are 98% accurate, which avoids false alarms.

With pre-set virtual line crossing detection, the CCTV system helps restrict the alert area in the surveillance zones when there is movement. The user draws a virtual line in the monitoring software. Any crossing of this line will be detected and will cause an alert. An alarm can be triggered if someone goes into a predefined zone using the intrusion detection system.

Users can define zones and certain criteria such as the sensitivity or duration to avoid an unintended triggering of the system.

To avoid any attempt to sabotage during attempted intrusions, the range of high-end video surveillance have an anti-tamper feature. It allows you to see if the camera has been covered, moved, or turned. The surveillance system compares previously captured images with current images and can therefore alert the owners with a notification, or simply set off an alarm.

A facial recognition feature allows the cameras to detect faces. This function does not store faces in a database, it simply analyses the images to detect if someone passes in front of the camera. The people counting feature provides the exact number of people who entered, stayed, and left a public place.

Our video surveillance kits contain classic IP66 or IP67 cameras. These protection indices certify complete weather and dust resistance.

Camera kits for the public

Individuals or businesses can enjoy holidays with peace of mind and without worrying about your home or workplace. Hikvision video surveillance systems can ensure and protect the security of your private places so you are free to fully enjoy your activities without concern,

Aftersales service

The camera kits are guaranteed for 3 years.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, Diiiz has set up a CCTV after sales service. If you have any questions you’d like to ask or simply need some information on our video surveillance kits, contact us via


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