Squarely Planters

SQUARELY was created by Architect, Agnieszka Szwarczewska, who, after working for 7 years on sustainable buildings projects, decided to give people the true meaning of a well balanced design: a product that will bring people the feeling of being in nature.

Admiring Danish Design, she decided to combine traditional values with innovative thinking and sustainable mindset.

Knowing how much the sourcing of materials impacts our environment, she took the extra challenge, to find a way of producing a quality product from what has already been produced for something else.

Squarly : The concept

1)      Smart watering system

Squarely contains a hidden self-watering system. Using capilarity, the soil naturally gets continually hydrated at the same humidity level so that your plants always stay perfectly hydrated. You only need to water 1-3 times a month, allowing you to go on with your busy lifestyle and still enjoy healthy plants in a dry summer.

2)      How to use SQUARELY products?

Pot the plant directly in the upper container on the capillary mat. Water the plant from the top the first time. Then, fill the bottom container with 3 litres. Refill it when it gets empty every couple of weeks If the soil gets slightly dry on top, that is fine. The capillary, self-watering system works with a difference of humidity. The dryer the soil on top, the more water the capillary mat and the soil absorbs.

3)      What to grow IN?

SQUARELY GrowOn is ideal for all kinds of plants: you can grow your fruits, your spices or decorative plants without having to monitor them.

A self-watering system ! 

Whether you desire plants for the balcony, living room, terrace, kitchen, or bedroom, our self-watering plant boxes come with a self-irrigation capillary system that will keep your plants healthy and fresh both indoors and outdoors. With this efficient self-watering system, you can grow different plants in one smart planter, while reducing the watering frequency by 3 times.

The recycled PE container has a capillary system that transport the water from the container to the soil. This means that you only have to water you plants 1-3 times per month while the plants always stay perfectly hydrated.

The simple, self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: Goodbye to dead plants after traveling!


The cubic form of the planter is modest yet gives a sophisticated touch to any space. It's simplicity together with the attention to details refers to the tradition of Danish Design and craft.


The SQUARELY modularity gives you an enormous opportunity to play with the design and fit the planters together to suit your own unique space. You can match GrowOn's and GrowBig's together in width and height, creating custom combinations that fit your space the best. You can add accessories to further personalize the product.    

  •          HAND CRAFTED WOOD

All SQUARELY products are made of high-quality oak and ash treated with care to last for many years. The attention to details and unique features makes the product to stand out in your space.


Natural materials and oiled wood brings the feeling of nature to the space. The easy functionality creates living furniture, sparks curiosity, and adds ease to every-day life.

Sustainable production

  •          Contribute to conscience sourcing

SQUARELY was designed from start to finish to be respectful of the environment and have the most minimal impact on our planet. (We want you to have a piece of nature in your home to improve your surroundings and inspire others to take on this mindset. Let's take a look at how your future SQUARELY will come to life).

  •          Up-cycled PLASTIC

By buying SQUARELY products you contribute to cleaner environment. You re-use plastic, save wood and add more plants. We collect our plastic boxes from restaurants where they were destined to be thrown away and we design your SQUARELY around them to give them a new life and help reduce our plastic waste.

  •          Local surplus wood

SQUARELY designed the products to use excess high-quality wood from other productions. Our wood is FSC certified surplus wood that we source locally. It is treated with pigmented and chemical-free oil, all to make your SQUARELY as durable as possible so it never needs to be replaced.

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