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Illuminate your decoration with our modern lights and pendants lamps. You will find bedside lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps and modern pendants lamps.

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Why choose a designer light?

Designer lights are very popular: aesthetic and practical, they answer the growing need to personalise your interior. Lighting is not simply a necessity, it is an integral part of decorating a room, and their shape and position greatly influences the ambiance.

Here are some of the advantages of designer lighting.

  • Aesthetic: designer lighting is pretty above everything. There are numerous models available in all imaginable shapes possible for you to choose from. Ones that you like, will suit your tastes, and that will integrate into your interior. Designer lighting is a decorative element in its own right!
  • Functional: designer lighting is also designed to bring optimal lighting to a room. Some are designed for small, closed spaces as well as grand luminous rooms. Main or side lighting, strong or filtered lighting… There is a designer light for all needs.
  • Affordable prices: lights are one of the least expensive decorative elements, ranging from a few tens of pounds to a few hundred for more refined models, they are more accessible than other decorative items such as armchairs or artwork. Choosing the right lighting is an inexpensive way of decorating your interior.

Different types of lighting in the home

There are 6 ways of bringing light to the home.

  1. Natural lighting: achieved by the sun thanks to windows in the room all day long, natural lighting has a positive impact on mood and stress. It is also the light that best highlights the colours of fabrics, furniture, and walls.
  2. Ambient lighting: this type of lighting brings a uniform light to the whole room. It generally comes from a ceiling light.
  3. Work light: lighting for work concentrates a lot of light on a small area, such as a desk or table. It allows you to focus on fine details such as cooking, reading, or filling out papers
  4. Side lighting: side lighting allows you to create a subdued atmosphere or highlight a decorative element such as a work of art, an exotic plant or designer furniture.
  5. Decorative lighting: decorative lighting has the unique goal of prettying up the room and adding some character.  The light emitted is generally too weak to really light up the room, but it is the light itself is what attracts attention.
  6. Combined lighting: in the majority of rooms, lighting comes from several sources. That’s what is called combined lighting. for example, you often need to have ambient lighting just to move around the room, where work lighting is there to carry out specific tasks in this room (cooking in the kitchen, working in the office…). You can then add side lighting to create a particular ambiance and decorative lighting to improve the design of the room. Natural lighting is also very appreciated in all rooms of the house. To achieve a good combination of lighting, make sure no area is left in the dark once all your lighting is installed.

Models of designer lights

There are numerous models of designer lights. Each model is unique, but they can be grouped into broad categories.

  • Designer pendant lights: used in large rooms with high ceilings, designer pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling with a solid wire. This type of lighting is generally bulky and goes well in large living rooms.
  • Floor lamps: floor lamps are a type of accent light. This is an important element of decoration which is more visible than lamps hanging from the ceiling.
  • Bedside or office lamps: these small versions of floor lamps allow you to illuminate a very specific area, for example your work area or side of the bed. This is a truly useful object and at the same time is a decoration that adds characters to the room.
  • Wall lights: your designer lighting can also be hung to the wall. They are also a type of accent light, very practical to save space if you don’t want to clutter up your bedside table for example. 

Choosing the right designer lighting for each room

According to the room where you want to install your designer light, you needs will vary a little. Discover the different types of designer lights and how to choose yours well.

Designer lighting for the bedroom

For your bedroom, you will generally need two types of lighting: a pendant light and a bedside lamp. The pendant light will bring a lot of light for your activities during the day (dressing, tidying…) and the bedside lamps will allow you to have a more subdued lighting to read at night. Ensure that the lampshade doesn’t cover more than half of your nightstand to be able to put down your book or small items. Instead of a bedside table lamp, you could choose a wall lamp to save space.

Designer lighting for the dining room

The dining room is the room of choice to have fun with lighting games. Install floor lamps as well as some candles on the table to create a subdued effect, or go for a large contemporary designer pendant light to impress your guests. Above all, pay attention to your tastes and the surrounding décor of the room.

Designer lighting for the kitchen

If you have your meals in the kitchen or you have an open plan kitchen with the living room or dining room, choose designer lighting to show off the style of the room. Choose an amazing and modern shape or stay classic and refined with a designer golden light.

Designer lighting for the living room 

The living room is often the biggest room in the house, this is the chance to follow your desires and choose the designer lighting to complement your décor. Subdued lights, large imposing chandelier, floor lamps…anything is possible! Highlight your items of art or your television with accent lamps or create a cosy atmosphere thanks to well-chosen lamps.

Designer lighting for the bathroom

Your bathroom can also benefit from designer lights! Opt for models installed on the ceiling or wall to avoid contact with water. A beautiful light in your bathroom is an excellent way to modernise this room which is often left on the sidelines. 

Don’t forget bulbs

Choosing the right designer lighting is good but if you make the wrong choice of bulb, you won’t get the intended effect. You must consider three criteria in your choice of bulb: energy efficiency, size, and colour.

  • Energy efficiency: LED and compact fluorescent bulbs are the most energy efficient. They also last the longest. However fluorescent bulbs light up gradually and can take some time to reach 100% capacity. As for LED bulbs, this isn’t a problem, but they are also more expensive. A cost which is quickly recouped thanks to the real energy efficiencies and the life-span of the bulb. Halogen bulbs consume a lot more energy and are less common today.
  • Size: bulbs are available in different sizes and formats; big or small, round or elongated, there is something for all tastes and for all models of lights! Choose your bulb according to the shape of light to have the most harmonious aesthetic possible.
  • Colour: the optimal colour of the light depends mostly on your tastes. In general, white or bluish light is considered colder and is reminiscent of hospital corridors or large shops. Yellow light is warmer, but it doesn’t illuminate as well. It’s over to you to find the best balance between light and warmth.

Where to find inexpensive designer lighting?

As we have previously seen, designer lighting is one of the most affordable elements of decoration. To find inexpensive designer lighting, choose online stores such as Diiiz, which can offer you very interesting prices. What’s more, designer lighting has an advantage in that it is easy to choose online thanks to pictures and detailed descriptions. Diiiz also offers you a 14 day return period for lamps if they don’t suit. With this offer, you can’t go wrong!

Designer lights and modern pendant lights for personalised lighting

Choose your lighting and create your own atmosphere!

The secret of a successfully styled interior is thought in the assembly and attention to detail. The lighting sources will define the atmosphere that you give your home. Diiiz offers a wide range of designer lights to boost your interior in a blink of an eye. Illuminate your décor with our pendant lights and chandeliers. You will find our bedside lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps.

A choice of designer lights adapted to your needs

Direct, indirect or mixed lighting? What are the designer lighting options at Diiiz?

Modern pendant lights for your kitchen, living room and entrance hall

Our collection of pendant lights includes the Beat Light collection with the Fat lamp, Tall lamp, and the Wide lamp. If you are looking for gold, copper or silver pendant lights: the Copper Ball lamps will enhance your interior!

For your living room, we offer designer lights that bring quality and design together: the collection of 3-arm Spider lamps or 6-arm Spider pendant light will enhance your living room.

Diiiz brand lamps and lights bring together the Acorn modern pendant light and the white Inclined designer lamp.

At Diiiz, we help you find designer lights to fit your needs. Indeed, lighting determines your state of mind. Your choice of lighting must be able to suit your wants – whether you want to relax or encourage you to concentrate.

Have a look at the Arti lamps and the numerous gold or silver pendant lights. Observe the creativity of the black or white Tubular lamps by Diiiz and the authenticity of the Kwisty lights.

Floor lamps for accent lighting

Opt for the Arc floor lamp, or Diiiz fabric, or even the Agi floor lamp in black or white. These floor lamps can also bring complementary lighting to your living room. The AGI floor lamps can also be used as bedside lamps on either side of your double bed. The Spun lamp will fit in perfectly as an accent light in your living room. 

Bedside lamps and desk lamps bring a trendy touch to your décor

Several models of Diiiz lamps can be used as bedside lamps. Try the Spun lamp, the AGI desk lamp or even the Metela table lamp. A new range of bedside lamp with fabric lampshades such as the fabric shade bedside lamp or the architect lamp have appeared. Diiiz also offers the Tizio desk lamp.

Majestic gold or silver chandeliers

Diiiz exclusively offers quality lamps and lighting. Our goal is for you to discover unique chandeliers and floor lamps. We want you to be able to modify and expand your lighting easily and as you want to.

The Gio chandeliers are some of the most impressive lights of the Diiiz collection. These gold or silver lights constitute a central element of your interior.

Be tempted by the gold, silver or copper Rango lights. Lamps and pendant lamps will surprise you with their originality and their sleek lines. Enter the fascinating world of lamps and lighting that will surprise you at every turn. Welcome to Diiiz!

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