Inexpensive Designer Lighting

Decorate your home with inexpensive designer lighting

Looking to install designer lighting in your home but want an affordable option?  Find out about the benefits of inexpensive designer lighting and where to find them.

Designer lighting: how does it differ from conventional lighting?

designer light is a lamp or chandelier designed to fulfil two functions – to be beautiful and unique as well as diffusing light in an optimal way.  Some designer lights can, for example, create a specific ambiance by filtering the light through specially designed lampshades.

Conventional lights, on the other hand, are much simpler.  There are many common models, and they are made in the cheapest way possible. They are, therefore, much less unique, and less aesthetically pleasing. 

Why buy inexpensive designer lighting?

Often overlooked, lights are more than just another piece of furniture.  Depending on their shape and position, they can really change the mood of a room.  They are also a visual focal point and can make spaces more harmonious.  Finally, designer lighting is one of the most affordable ways to own designer furniture.

The price of designer lighting

As with all designer creations, designer lighting comes with a certain price tag.  Buying them directly from a design house will set you back anywhere from a few hundred euros for smaller models…up to thousands for larger ones. 

Inexpensive designer lighting options, on the other hand, rarely exceed €300, irrespective of the model.  They are sold by independent boutiques from big names in the design world who have their own manufacturers.  

Is inexpensive designer lighting a good choice?

Inexpensive designer lighting has excellent production values and is high quality.  Of course, you should do some research into your supplier before you buy, but in general, there is nothing to worry about.  At Diiiz, for example, we are in direct contact with each of our manufacturers and we have a rigorous quality-control process.  The main advantage of buying an expensive designer light is having the label, the recognition of the name, not necessarily an important aspect for most people.  

Where can you find high-quality inexpensive designer lighting?

To find high-quality inexpensive designer lighting, choose a reputable supplier like Diiiz.  Learn about the models available and take the time to imagine the ones which interest you in your room.  It is important to choose the inexpensive designer lighting that will suit you, because all our models benefit from durability, and they will have a long lifespan.  Make sure you won’t get tired of your light!  

Some examples of inexpensive designer lighting

Here are some examples of inexpensive designer lights to inspire your research

  • IKO light – the IKO light is elegant and modern.  Its black and gold finish makes it very chic, and it adapts to many styles of décor.  It is the perfect option for a living or dining room.  The IKO light is also a beautiful piece for a hotel or chic restaurant.
  • Lava light – "Lava" is the perfect description for this example of inexpensive designer lighting.  Its uneven round shape gives the impression that it is blown glass, a piece in constant motion.   

  • Monkey lamp – the Monkey lamp is definitely a unique model.  An adorable little monkey is holding your light bulb in his hand, and there are no visible wires.  The Monkey lamp is available in different versions (sitting monkey, standing monkey, and climbing monkey).  
  • FAT light – the FAT light is the ideal model for an industrial style.  The matt black or white exterior is counterbalanced by the gold-colour metal interior.
  • Tall lamp – taking inspiration from oriental copper pans, the Tall lamp is slender and diffuses a subdued light in the room.
  • The Globulo pendant light – this light has an added quirk of being modular.  You can combine several models, changing the position of the hemisphere, for a modern effect.  Globulo is available in white, black, or gold. 

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