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Diiiz offers a wide range of round, square or rectangular dining room tables that vary according to individual tastes and desires. We offer a wide choice of reproductions inspired by famous designers.

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The ideal dining table is among our designer kitchen tables

The dining table is the focal point of the dining room or the kitchen. It is a friendly place in your house or apartment, where you meet with family and friends. Therefore it is important to choose a quality kitchen table in harmony with your interior and style. Do you not yet know which designer table to choose?  The kitchen table you are looking for is certainly in our selection! Diiiz offers a wide range of round, square, and rectangle dining room tables that vary according to individual tastes and desires. We offer a large choice of reproductions

inspired by famous designers such as Eero Saarinen, Isamu Noguchi and Charles and Ray Eames. We also offer our own range of inexpensive dining tables for professionals and individuals. Diiiz also collaborates with young European designers and creative workshops to create your custom table.

Diiiz wood dining tables combine quality, modernity and elegance

If you want to bring an original touch to your modern or contemporary interior, choose your favourite item from our large selection of designer dining tables! Diiiz offers round kitchen tables, modern wood table, marble dining table, marble kitchen tables etc. Diiiz offers a replica of the Solid wood round table. This round wood table can be used for a romantic dinner for 2, a family meal, or for other special moments.

Additionally, Diiiz sells the famous Rose oval table. This iconic table has a large top and comes in two models: the Rose oval table in wood and the oval kitchen table in marble. 

Are your rather attached to industrial design interiors? If you have a lot of space and entertain regularly, the long solid wood dining table are what will suit best. Like the quality Camila wood table with metal base, a kitchen table with generous dimensions of 190cm in length, it can accommodate up to eight people. The combination of wood and metal makes this industrial style wood table a table that suits both individuals and hospitality professionals.

Among our selection of rectangular wood tables, you will also find the Vega rectangular table in natural or black oak, measuring 140cm in length it can accommodate up to six people. This six-seater dining table is entirely made of wood and is distinguished from other wood tables by the particular V shape of its feet, which saves space in the legs for optimal comfort.

Diiiz offers the Architect rectangular kitchen table and the industrial style Roma rectangular table. These dining tables are made entirely of oak will bring a touch of warmth and durability to your interior for long moments of pleasure. If you prefer a smaller MDF wood table, then try the Lahti and Oslo rectangular dining table with beech legs, both available in white or black.

Modern round or square table by Diiiz, perfect for the interior design of small spaces

For a more intimate interior, a small round or square table is often the ideal solution. Indeed, positioned between the kitchen and the living room of open and elongated spaces, a small table is not in the way, but also energises your living space. What’s more, a round kitchen table promotes conversation by creating a friendly atmosphere.

Diiiz offers different models of round dining room tables in HPL or natural wood. Do you want to acquire a modern round table combining metal and wood? The Lamina round bistro table will perfectly meet your needs. For those more romantic moments, we would recommend opting for the Cindy 4-person round table. This famous round designer 4-person wood table fulfils several functions and is supported by three legs in oak wood. The Cindy table is a table with Scandinavian design. Its avant-garde look will certainly enhance your interior.

Modern and inexpensive dining table for all types of interiors

You know that the dining or kitchen table occupies an important place in the home, apartment or commercial space. Each family is different which is why our range of kitchen table consists of different sizes of tables. The rectangular 6-person table is the most common shape, but if you live alone or as a couple, you could opt for a smaller square 2-person table. This allows you to save space and give your dining room a modern look. The colour and finish of the kitchen table should match your choice of chairs and your interior décor.

To help your choose which chairs will embellish your dining room table, consult our wide range of chairs. You will find designer chairs for all types of use

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