The selection of Diiiz products includes different types of tables: coffee tables, side tables, marble tables, wooden design tables, kitchen tables, dining tables.

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A designer coffee or dining table

Does your interior seem too simple? A designer table could make it spectacular! But which table to pick? A table for your dining room? A coffee table? A side table? A designer wooden table? A marble table? Or even a plastic table?

First of all you must ask the question: what criteria must a quality designer table meet? A designer table must be aesthetic, adjustable, flexible, high quality and not expensive.

Browse our site to find the designer table that suits you best!

A collection of coffee tables, different models and materials

Diiiz sells original coffee tables at the best price.

The Diiiz collection brings together coffee tables such as: the Aurora coffee table,  Parabel table, the Eily adjustable table, etc. as well as others.

The category of low price, designer coffee tables also includes: the Bell Bell coffee table and the Clover coffee table. Diiiz offers these coffee tables at an incredible price, with no compromise on quality.

Majestic, original dining tables

For mid-height and dining tables, Diiiz offers the prestigious collection of Rose Marble tables. Diiiz offers different models of the Rose marble table: the round Rose Marble table (from 40cm to 120cm in diameter) and the sumptuous oval Rose table. This oval Tulip marble table is available in white or black marble.

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