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Diiiz is now committed to protecting your family and your property with the HIKVISION range!

Go to to discover our brand-new range of surveillance technologies! From surveillance cameras and camera kits to intercom kits and recording equipment, you will be able to find the security solution for your needs.

The protection of your designer furniture is a priority of Diiiz. Now we can offer you a suitable security solution for your high-end furniture. For us, your personal protection and your furniture’s safety is as important as the quality of our products.

Our experts have carefully selected the best Hikvision security systems for your needs. In partnership with this world leading company, you can secure both your house and business, or ensure the protection of your customers if you are in industry.

Installing surveillance cameras make it possible to secure a home or professional premise.

Our team has chosen a range of solutions that allow you remote access of a site, indoors and outdoors, as well as being a deterrent for attempts at damage, intrusion, or burglary. Surveillance cameras are also an effective complement to an alarm system such as the AX Pro from HIKVISION.

Security camera technology suitable for all your needs!

Hikvision indoor and outdoor cameras are equipped with the latest technologies, each specific to a different need.

Will your security camera be in a location with low light? Or do you just want to be able to see in the dark with a black and white image? World leading Hikvision surveillance cameras are equipped with darkfighter technology to combat these situations. Our ColorVu cameras can give colour images even in the dark!

Does your current camera system trigger alarms for no apparent reason? The Hikvision Acusense cameras can differentiate between people and vehicles from other moving objects, reducing false alarms by 90%.

The panel of technologies offered by Hikvision boasts infinite solutions. Cameras with intelligent retail technology allow you to monitor banks, protecting their employees, clients, branches, or distribution areas – the possibilities are endless. They can help retailers understand their store traffic and optimise their merchandising strategies. They can even help local authorities reduce congestion and pollution with smart traffic management solutions.

Our cameras are equipped with the latest technologies that improve low-light images (BLC), ROI technology which increases image quality over a predefined area and WDR which modifies the recorded image to limit backlighting.

If you are a commercial client, our fixed or mobile Hikvision fever detection thermal cameras are perfect for the fight against covid-19. Thanks to their precision, these devices can detect people with above average body temperatures with an accuracy of 0.5°C. The Heat Pro camera is now also being used by individuals, alongside heating and sanitation experts. This camera is used to investigate fire hazards as well as making it possible to detect weak points in your home’s insulation where energy loss can occur, and ensuring your heating works correctly.    

Finally, all our outdoor cameras have a Protection Index (IP) rating ranging from IP 65 - IP 68. The first number shows the protection index of your outdoor camera against solids and the second shows it’s protection against liquids. 6 being the maximum for protection against solids and 8 is the maximum for resistance to liquids.    

What type of camera for indoors?

If we had to choose indoor cameras from a purely aesthetic point of view, we would recommend the cube camera (IP Cube Camera Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW-2.8mm 4 MP, microphone, Wi-Fi, micro-SD) or the mini dome camera (IP Mini-Dome Camera HIKVISION DS-2CD2546G2-IS-2.8 mm - 4 MP), the list goes on and on.

But these are not just aesthetic. The term "dome camera" is used for surveillance cameras that have a half-sphere shape. It is the most common shape and is high quality. Its main advantage is that the security camera is very discreet but can cover a large area. These cameras are used in public places, such as shops, but they also work in homes, where the indoor camera must be discreet, but able to see a lot. You can also get a mini-dome camera which will give the same functionality but with even more discretion.

The Cube camera can be placed almost anywhere – on a ceiling, a wall or even a piece of furniture. It will allow you to see, hear, and communicate in case of emergency.

And for outdoors?

Bullet cameras are our expert’s top pick. Bullet cameras are easily recognisable by their cylindrical shape and their cap which protects against rain and sunlight. They allow you to surveil a specific predetermined area and are non-portable.

Our range also includes Hikvision bullet cameras with added features such as Colorvu, Acusense and Darkfighter technology.

There are also turret cameras, again recognisable by their shape. These cameras are easier to aim than dome cameras giving them an advantage when positioning and aiming.

PTZ cameras are motorised allowing them to zoom and offer 360° panoramic views.


3,2,1… Record with our range of NVR recorders

If you think you don’t need a recording device, think again. Experts call these the “brains of the operation,” and these are extremely useful if you have multiple security cameras.

These allow you to connect all your security cameras to the same place and save all the images onto a single internal hard drive.

At Diiiz, we have a range of recording devices so you can choose the one to suit the number of security cameras you have. For 4 Hikvision cameras, choose the Hikvision DS-7604NI-K1-4P video surveillance recorder (NVR). If you want one for up to 8 cameras, choose the Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P. Both are available from

Make life easier, choose a camera kit

Diiiz wants to make your life easier. Opt for camera kits with 2, 4, 6 or even 8 security cameras. You’ll find everything you need for a complete security installation in one box. Check out our range, you are sure to find an indoor our outdoor camera kit to suit your security needs.

Looking to secure all 4 corners of your home? Our black 4 camera Hikvision 4MP (BD4-UNV001-T4-B) is the perfect kit. If you just want to keep an eye on your front and back entrances, then choose our 2-camera kit – 2 Bullet 4MP – Logon (LVK300).

Which intercom kit is right for me?

Diiiz has an extensive range of Hikvision intercom kits but also offers a selection of modules to create your own. Tailor-made for you with advice from our experts.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our HIKVISION 2-wire Intercom kit (DSKIS702), or in the Full HD HIKVISION DS-KIS702 2-wire intercom kit, then choose an intercom system to customise. Look at the Mounting box with 1, 2 or 3 units, which you can then add to with these add-ons:

o   Hikvision blank module to fill blank grid (DS-KD-BK)

o   Hikvision station indicator module for door entry (DS-KD-IN)

o   Hikvision card reader module for door entry (DS-KD-M)

o   Hikvision camera module for video intercom door entry (DS-KD8003-IME1)

o   Hikvision drop-down LCD contact display module (2000 contacts) for video intercom (DS-KD-DIS)

o   Hikvision keypad module compatible with PoE or 2-wire intercom (DS-KD-KP)

o   Hikvision 6-button module with labels for video intercom (DS-KD-KK)

To protect your videophone system from any harsh weather, you can add a protective cap to your intercom module. Available direct from


Accessories to fine-tune your security solution!

To bring you the fullest range of Hikvision security solutions possible, we also have all the add-ons necessary for a complete installation available on our site. Ranging from cable drums for faster data transmission, to crimp tools to see and handle the cables from your Hikvision camera, we also offer the following add-ons:

o   Crimp sockets that will allow you to create a strong and secure connection between the connector and the conductor

o   Wall and ceiling brackets that will allow you to store and hide the cables from the connectors and surveillance cameras

o   Surveillance camera pictograms, which are a legal obligation in some countries, including Belgium, to indicate the use of a security system

o   Hard drives and micro-SD cards that will allow you to store digital data from your surveillance cameras. Hard drives available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB sizes.

o   The cheapest tamper-proof boxes on the market to protect your recording device and keep your data safe

Find everything you need for your security needs in one place at


We have the widest possible range of security devices available – security cameras, recording devices, videophone kits, camera kits and essential accessories.

We know that you will find everything you want in a security system here. Get in touch with our expert teams who can help you with your project.

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