We have a certified camera installer near you! 

Looking to have cameras installed to always keep an eye on your home?  This is now possible at a low-cost price from Diiiz. 

Contact us to find out how many cameras you need and an installation quote. 

Diiiz has partnered with a licensed camera installer in London and Wales.

UK licensed installers :


EU approved installers : 

Why do we want to work with licensed installers?

A licensed installer is essential to ensure the legality of your installation.  For example, in Belgium, the law of April 10 1990, which came into force in 2017, requires any company who wants to install security cameras to obtain an authorisation, issued annually by the Ministry of the Interior. 

Security is a major issue for both business and individuals.  Our surveillance system experts are at your service to help you protect your property and your family, even when you are on the move.  Your installation will be visible remotely on your laptop, so you can have peace of mind whether you are at home, out for an evening or on holiday. 

With our licensed installers we take time to understand your needs - our goal is to match you with the set up that will best meet your requirements.  Surveillance cameras are a strong deterrent to intrusion as they are always watching and recording.      

Our range including door phones, videophones, badge readers and much more, will protect you daily.  Some of our experts also provide remote troubleshooting via an annual subscription.     

Are you an installer in France or Belgium?  Do you want to be added to our list? 

We will be happy to include you in our list of experts.

To do this, contact us via the form opposite.  We will begin the process of us working together. 

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