Industrial style storage furniture for a chic and modern interior!

Industrial style appeared during the 1920s, when machines were starting to have an impact on man, when speed gradually featured more and more in everyone’s way of life, and where the production assembly line became the norm throughout the world. Industrial style is inspired by abandoned factories and is reminiscent of New York lofts which are often seen in films. It is a style of décor which gives a relaxed style to all interiors and which compliments different décor styles like rustic or bohemian. Today, close to a century after it first appeared, this style represents a sure bet in interior décor. It is perfectly adapted to our current requirements. Industrial style easily stands out, notably by the presence of steel, wood, and vintage furniture. No worries, no need to live in an old factory to use this style of décor. Discover our vast selection of loft style furniture.

Quality, inexpensive storage furniture from Diiiz

At Diiiz, you will find a complete range of industrial style furniture to give some style to your living room, dining room, bathroom, or your bedroom. This ranges from tv stands to coat racks, as well as storage cabinets and storage benches. Thanks to our immense choice of styles, materials, storage systems, and sizes, our loft style furniture in wood and metal will delight the most organised of people. All our design storage solutions are available at inexpensive prices! Additionally, industrial style storage solutions are very easy to mix with different types of style and interior designs. So no matter which room you live in, we have the perfect solution to make your day to day life easier and save you some hassle! On top of that, all our storage furniture in wood and metal can be delivered quickly to you in the EU.

Sturdy and warm materials.

Industrial style has raw and solid materials. Mainly made of wood and metal. Loft style storage furniture by Diiiz is sturdy and long lasting. This combination of materials guarantees resistance to almost any test. Your industrial style furniture will be better able to stand against knocks, shocks, wear and tear, and corrosion. Choosing industrial style furniture is an investment for many years. All the furniture in wood and metal sold by Diiiz has a high quality finish at an affordable and inexpensive price. On the design side, the combination of wood, which is a warm and welcoming material, with the cold aspect of metal gives the room an industrial designer style. Industrial style furniture is refined and offer a very pleasing minimalist style.

A vast choice of furniture for all needs

Industrial style takes its uniqueness from using raw materials and certain cold materials like metals: tv stands in wood and metal, industrial style coat standsloft style cabinets, designer trolleysstorage benches in wood; all these items of furniture can be used to shape your industrial interior. Each loft style piece of furniture; industrial style desk, bookcase, living room furniture in the Storage collection by Diiiz fits perfectly into the spirit of industrial loft style. If you are looking to buy an industrial style tv stand, you can mix it with an armchair in leather, or a lounge chair from our huge collection, or other industrial style designer furniture in wood.

Why not add a Diiiz designer light which will perfectly compliment your industrial style! In fact, to perfect your “loft style” décor, it’s essential to think carefully about your lighting. industrial style interiors are sometimes very spacious, open, or on the contrary, very dark. A few strategically places floor lamps allow you to bring precision lighting to certain places. If you have a high ceiling, don’t hesitate to select an industrial style pendant light or chandelier from Diiiz. Don’t hesitate to use these pendants in pairs or threes to accentuate the “loft effect”. On the colour, choose black, wood or metallic grey.

Choice for each room of the house: from the entrance hall to the kitchen!

At Diiiz you will find industrial style furniture for each room of your house. In the kitchen, industrial style can be found in loft style trolleys. Ultra-mobile and space saving, it’s the ideal partner for large and small spaces. An ingenious, aesthetic, and versatile piece of furniture, industrial style trolleys on wheels from Diiiz will be as useful in your kitchen in the winter, as on your patio in summer. Very practical, our trolleys in wood and metal are wheeled and allow you to transport plates and glasses to the dining room.

As for the living room, why not combine one of our tv stands with a fantastic industrial style bookcase. Enjoy convivial moments in front of your favourite film or tv series in an industrial, modern, designer ambiance! For your dining room, choose our storage cabinets. As well as being practical and aesthetic, you will be able to easily tidy your items and numerous accessories that you have at home. What’s more, our industrial style cabinets with hinged doors are particularly versatile. You can place them in the entrance hall of your home as well as in a dressing room or bedroom.

And to finish, you can also dress your entrance hall with our loft style coat racks and cabinets. A real all in one, they combine coat racks with a bench and sometimes a low shelf for shoes. Because yes, coatracks and cabinets are no longer simple accessories, they have become real decorative objects over the years, structuring “corridor space” which is very often neglected. The originality of your entrance hall will immediately mark the identity of your interior.

How to combine your industrial style furniture with Scandinavian style furniture?

Industrial style is still relevant in décor and is still as popular as ever! Thanks to a balanced mix between designer furniture and raw materials, industrial style is no longer uniquely reserved for loft style. It’s found everywhere, in flats and houses. But how to successfully mix this particular style with the rest of your furniture? What are the elements to blend with industrial style furniture to get the perfect interior décor?

Yes, it is quite possible to fall for an industrial style piece of furniture and integrate it into your current interior design, or to mix your industrial style décor with other styles!

Industrial style generally favours the raw and natural aspects of its pieces. So to soften this, it is possible to combine industrial style décor with more suave Scandinavian touches. At Diiiz, we offer a wide range of Scandinavian style furniture. You can add Scandinavian style furniture, which is renowned for comfort and warm colours, to your industrial style storage. This furniture with its light and smooth tones can be placed in an industrial loft style easily, as their presence adds a new, softer and chic dimension to your interior. The softness of colours makes it possible to create a charming contrast with the steel and black, which are among the characteristic shades of industrial style.

You can also create a mix of vintage style with industrial style. The charm and warmth of vintage style allows a balance and warming of large spaces created by industrial style. To furnish your space, you can opt for a leather couch and use metal chairs to keep the spirit of industrial décor. If you want to dress up white walls, you can bring some pop by choosing to put up colourful abstract posters. This will allow you to break up the rigidity of industrial style.

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