Every detail is important, that's why Diiiz created the interior decoration section. You will find decorative items such as original cushions, lamps, decorative trays.

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Decoration: Decorative items

Interior design can’t be complete without original decorative items which show the design of your house or apartment while showcasing the personality of your interior and your own personality at the same time.

In this category we offer different decorative items such as original cushions for your living room and sofaspoufs, posters, wooden figurines, decorative trays and coat racks.

Fabric and velvet cushions

You can choose from a choice of more than 30 fabric or velvet cushions that we update regularly. Diiiz cushions are available in many colours and textures. This wide choice of cushions allows you to choose the cushion which will best match the colour and style of your sofa.

The textures of Diiiz cushions are modern, combining lines, squares, geometric shapes or cushions with more classic patterns.

The choice of Diiiz cushion coverings has also been carefully selected from natural fabric materials for more comfort.

For decorative items, we offer original decorative items such as trays or coat racks.

Wall décor: the finishing touch in successful interior design

Interior décor is not only the furniture and what goes with it, but also wall decoration. There is nothing sadder than an empty wall. Your wall posters are the finishing touch in your interior design.

To polish off your wall décor, there are numerous modern posters available. Whether for your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom, you will inevitably find something to make you happy in this selection of trendy posters thanks to the different designs available.

In order to adapt to your interior and your wants, Diiiz offers black and white posters, colour posters in different styles such as Scandinavian posters, contemporary posters or even geometric patterns.

To transform your walls, we also offer wall coat racks such as our wall coat rack in coloured wood or in metal and wood.

In the Diiiz wall decoration collection, you can also find several dream catchers as well as hanging mirrors.

Decorative objects: original and minimalist wooden figurines 

The success of your décor rests also on the details. At the moment it’s trendy to use natural materials, and the design wooden figurines are making more appearances in our interiors. That’s why Diiiz is interested in the phenomenon of wooden figures. The advantage of these wooden decorative items is that they can easily be moved, and therefore become more or less discreet depending on their position.

In the wooden figurine collection you can choose between animals or people according to your interior décor and your wants. Among the wooden animal figures you will find the following decorations : Duck & Ducking and Oscar the Dog, the Family of Birds in wood, the Monkey, and The Bird. For wooden people figures, you can adopt the Optimist and Pessimist, or the Vikings.

Your décor by young, European creators

Trendy decorative objects, created by young European designers. Discover new loves at Diiiz.

Among others, we offer the Squarely planters with an intelligent watering system by the architect Agnieszka Szwarczewska. These balanced Danish design planters, in natural and durable materials, will keep your plants perfectly hydrated while also tastefully decorating your interior. The Squarely planters are not simple plant pots. They are true decorative objects and these wooden pots can also be used to structure a space or to add a designer touch to your walls, floors or windowsill.   

Diiiz also brings you Mlle Jo, a passionate Belgian designer. Are you a fan of decorative objects which are modern, different and useful? You will surely be seduced by the original Mlle Jo Toupy hanging storage tray!

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