Diiiz expands its range of outdoor furniture and accessories with designer parasols!
Bring shade around  your garden furniture,  your bath lits or your outdoor table with our collection of modern umbrellas.

Your Parasol Diiiz will be the ally of your summer days, the essential accessory of your outdoor space. Useful, practical, you will find at diiiz design and cheapparasols. All our umbrellas are delivered quickly to your home, in maximum 1 week,

Available in different variants, such as the tilting deported umbrella, the rectangular umbrella or  the central umbrella, Diiiz umbrellas adapt to your needs depending on whether you want to shade a terrace area, an outdoor table, a large area or a more targeted area. 

The remote parasol for an optimized outdoor space

The off-centre umbrella offers freedom of movement without cluttering up the space.  For easy adjustment of the angle of the umbrella, the tilting umbrella is recommended.

The majority of our  deported umbrellas are parasols with support. There are also parasols without legs that can then be placed in an outdoor table for example.

With their wide variety of designs, shapes and features, you can find the off-center umbrella that best suits your needs and style. Enjoy the shade and create a pleasant atmosphere inyour terrace or garden with a Diiiz remote parasol.

Choose  a solid umbrella with a center pole if you are looking for greater stability, even in strong winds.

The solar parasol with LED lamps, the must-have of summer!

Some designer umbrellas are equipped with additional features, such as built-in LED lights. These LED umbrellas create a warm atmosphere to extend your outdoor evenings. You can even opt for LED solar umbrellas, which use solar energy to power the lights.  The Diiiz LED umbrellas are available in 5 colors: beige, brown, green, red and blue.

The ideal half-moon umbrella  for small outdoor spaces

Are you looking for a practical and aesthetic solution to protect your balcony, small terrace or patio? Half umbrellas are the perfect answer to your needs. These small umbrellas offer a unique shape that adapts perfectly to tight spaces. Thanks to their clever design, these

practical umbrellas allow optimal coverage while taking up less space than a traditional umbrella. You can then preserve the view and aesthetics of your balcony.

With different options of sizes, colors and materials, you can find the cheap half umbrella that  suits you perfectly.

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