Waste bins

Discover the designer stainless steel bin collection by Diiiz.

Bins are often neglected and considered very unglamourous, but they are still an integral part of our interior décor. That’s why at Diiiz, we decided to reinvent them! At Diiiz, we offer designer, selective sorting bins. No more distracting bins that you have to hide or which get in the way! Designer bins from Diiiz meet your recycling needs and are suitable for all types of waste. They are equipped with pedals and removable buckets to make their maintenance easier.

Environmentally friendly sorting bins at low prices.

The environment is at the heart of everything. This is why at Diiiz, we offer sorting bins to make your life simpler! You no longer need several bins to sort your rubbish! Thanks to compartment bins from Diiiz and their different compartments, everything goes in the same bin, without taking up too much space. By sorting your waste, you are fighting against waste as well-sorted waste can be recycled; packaging can be used to create new items… Be tempted by our range of inexpensive, designer, compartment bins and actively sort waste. We will deliver throughout the EU.

Choose the recycling bin that’s right for your needs.

For your choice of future stainless steel bin, you should pay attention to the number of compartments that you need. If you lack any areas, it will interfere with your daily life. But if you have too many, the space will be wasted. The first category of rubbish is plastics. This is waste that you can’t escape because of modern packaging in supermarkets. 

You should also have a bin for anything which is not recyclable. Some double or triple compartment bins from Diiiz offer colours on each pedal so as to not get mixed up. Then you could have a bin for glass, jars and bottles to take out. It’s over to you to know how you want to organise your bins according to the bin collection of your town or village. Diiiz sorting bins have two or three compartments. We also offer smaller designer paper bins, which will find a spot in your bathroom, bedroom or office.

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