The selection of Diiiz products includes different types of tables: coffee tables, side tables, marble tables, wooden design tables, kitchen tables, dining tables.

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Compliment your home with a beautiful table for sale

A table is an attention grabber at home, whether your family gathers for brunch or your room feels empty without one. You can put a cup of tea or coffee on a standard table to slowly flip through some magazine or your Instagram feed. You can discover new decor dimensions with a designer table. Or you can put a vase with gorgeous flowers on your side table, and your home will immediately bloom. In fact, you never know how you can use this multi-functional piece.

Diiiz enables you to experiment to find this out and beautify your home with unique designer tables made to combine cosiness and love. When creating them, we are inspired by the staples produced in 1900-1980, mixing those oldies with leading-edge technologies to bring a new understanding of comfort, functionality, quality and aesthetics. 

Trendsetting tables for sale: The diversity of materials

Depending on where you plan to put your table, look for one with the right size, shape and material. Your preference can rely heavily on the style of the room or the whole apartment. 

Consider what furniture your room already has and how it can be complemented after you buy a table. Think about its size, as your table should fit in comfortably, and look into the material and structure type: 

  • Your dining room can be flattered by a graceful marble table with a smooth, minimalist surface. 

  • Marble is also ideal for giving your home an upscale feel and works for coffee and side tables.

  • Your industrial-style living room can look like a dream with a neat wooden table with or without metal decor.

  • Wood is also an ageless choice for dining and kitchen tables. It looks sophisticated and provides a natural, warm touch to any space.

  • Glass and metal tables are the way to go if you want something sleek and stunning.

Well-crafted yet cheap tables to add warmth and joy

With options ranging from elegant and minimalist to traditional and rustic, all these pieces are available at a reasonable price. Each table for sale in Diiiz collections is expertly created with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, unsurpassed durability and delight, as it befits the main attraction in your home. 

It has never been more affordable to make your home new-fangled and cosy with a timeless and functional piece. Choose your table online and see your apartment rebirth!

A designer coffee or dining table

Does your interior seem too simple? A designer table could make it spectacular! But which table to pick? A table for your dining room? A coffee table? A side table? A designer wooden table? A marble table? Or even a plastic table?

First of all you must ask the question: what criteria must a quality designer table meet? A designer table must be aesthetic, adjustable, flexible, high quality and not expensive.

Browse our site to find the designer table that suits you best!

A collection of coffee tables, different models and materials

Diiiz sells original coffee tables at the best price.

The Diiiz collection brings together coffee tables such as: the Aurora coffee table,  Parabel table, the Eily adjustable table, etc. as well as others.

The category of low price, designer coffee tables also includes: the Bell Bell coffee table and the Clover coffee table. Diiiz offers these coffee tables at an incredible price, with no compromise on quality.

Majestic, original dining tables

For mid-height and dining tables, Diiiz offers the prestigious collection of Rose Marble tables. Diiiz offers different models of the Rose marble table: the round Rose Marble table (from 40cm to 120cm in diameter) and the sumptuous oval Rose table. This oval Tulip marble table is available in white or black marble.

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