Coat racks and stands

Tidy your entrance hall with industrial style coat racks and wardrobes Diiiz.

The entrance of your home is more than a simple passage. In the morning it is the place where you finish preparing and where you start your journey on a positive note. In the evening, it is the place where you appreciate coming back into a neat, tidy and well decorated space. To help you to get there, consider coat racks and wardrobes in laminated wood and metal from Diiiz. A real all in one, they combine both coat racks with a bench and sometimes low shelves for shoes.

Coatracks and wardrobes suited to all budgets for a tidy and pretty entrance hall

Are you tired of jackets and other clothes on the back of your chairs? Do you not know where to store your jackets? Do you want to modernise your entrance hall by buying a coatrack for a reasonable price? At Diiiz, you will find a wide range of designer coatracks and wardrobes which allows you to tidy up and keep your family’s and guests’ coats in order. Diiiz offers coatracks in wood and metal to furnish a number of tidying zones. By putting a standing or wall mounted coatrack in your corridor or entrance hall, you’ll save a lot of hassle. All our industrial style coatracks and wardrobes can be delivered to you in the EU.

Coatrack: a decorative accessory wholly for tidying a trendy entrance hall

The decorative potential of the coatrack can’t be underestimated. Over time, it has become a staple element of decoration in entrance halls and corridors. Coatracks or wardrobes are not simple accessories, they have become true objects of decoration, structuring the “corridor space” which is often neglected. The layout of your entrance hall can be through the choice of the colour of your walls, using a bench can enable you to put your shoes on more easily, a wardrobe and other “fengshui” decorative elements. The originality of your entrance hall immediately states the identity of your interior.

At Diiiz, we offer different industrial or Scandinavian style coatracks and wardrobes. No matter the type or style of the coatrack that you are looking for, whether it is an industrial style coatrack in metal or a Scandinavian style coatrack in wood, at Diiiz you will find coatracks and wardrobes that will meet your expectations! All the coatracks and wardrobes in wood and metal sold by Diiiz have a high quality finish at an affordable price.

Opt for a Diiiz coatrack and wardrobe “all in one” in a bedroom or utility room

The “all in one” coatrack; Diiiz offers an efficient and practical storage solution. If you place it next to the front door, it will allow you to tidy your coats and shoes as soon as you walk through the front door. It can also be placed in a bedroom to optimise storage and space. This rapid and practical storage option won’t take up much floorspace and will give you the satisfaction of a tidy house. Diiiz coatracks and wardrobes are not bulky and will fit into a corner or small space. Diiiz offers a fine selection of quality designer industrial style coatracks and wardrobes that can be delivered to you throughout the EU.

Diiiz coatracks in wood cater to all tastes, budgets, and interior décor styles. Don’t hesitate to combine your coatrack with a mirror to create the perfect look for your entrance. Adding a mirror to your entrance hall will also give the impression of grandeur and clarity.

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