Storage benches

Easily tidy your shoes thanks to industrial style storage benches by Diiiz

Are you tired of tripping over your shoes? Do you find them scattered in every room? Do your children mix them up and your pets chew on them? You need a shoe storage bench!

But not just any bench, at Diiiz we offer industrial style wood and metal storage benches. Of course you can always try to tidy them as best your can: piling pairs of shoes one on top of another in storage bins or crates, slide them under furniture or pile them up in a cupboard or drawer, hide them behind a curtain, against a wall…But this will never be as efficient as tidying them in a storage bench made for it.

Storage benches offer a number of advantages compared to simple plastic storage bins.

  • Aesthetics: storage benches are prettier than plastic storage bins
  • Durability: they are sturdier and last longer
  • Tidying: the majority of plastic bins are transparent and can give a disorganised aspect to an entrance hall or bedroom. Storage benches by Diiiz are opaque and give a feeling of order and tidiness.
  • Multi-usage: in addition to allowing you to tidy your shoes, once closed, it allows you to put your shoes on easily and comfortably.

Never heard of storage benches? Diiiz will explain everything!

Shoe storage benches are pieces of furniture designed to tidy your shoes, organise them, or sort them. They are items of furniture that often taken up very little space and are easy to install. At Diiiz we don’t just offer simple storage benches! We sell a whole range of industrial style storage benches.

In addition to being very practical furniture, they will contribute to your décor by bringing some warmth to your interior. Shoe storage benches are often placed in the dressing room or in the bedroom, but logic dictates that they should be placed in the entrance hall to have shoes directly placed in them there. But choosing the ideal place to install a shoe storage bench stays a question of taste. Now you know everything on shoe storage benches! Be tempted by our range of industrial style designer storage benches! We deliver throughout the EU.

Shoe storage bench, a great way to save space!

A shoe storage bench saves space. Indeed, having shoes all over the house isn’t ideal! If you compulsively buy shoes, you absolutely need a shoe bench from Diiiz. With its industrial style it will integrate perfectly into your interior! To tidy your things and shoes when entering the house, a storage bench in wood and metal is ideal. This is compact shoe storage doesn’t take up too much space in the entrance hall but can hold multiple things and help you save space in the rest of the house.

A well chosen storage bench can bring an original decorative touch to the entrance hall. What’'s more, our industrial style shoe storage benches help to keep your home clean and keep your loved ones healthy. While you are outside, you accumulate a lot of bacteria on your shoes! Putting them on at the entrance and keeping them in your storage bench when you return, will help prevent bacteria spreading in your home.

Style your entrance with shoe storage from Diiiz

As well as saving space and time, an industrial style storage bench will bring some style to your décor. Indeed, our storage benches in wood and metal allow you to showcase your entrance hall, but also create a unique and hospitable atmosphere when you return home. Wood is a warm and welcoming material and when mixed with the cold element of metal, gives a room a very industrial and designer style. The industrial style storage benches from Diiiz are refined and offer a very pleasing minimalist style. They are aesthetic and don’t require any other superfluous element for them to bring some charm to the room.


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