Every detail is important, that's why Diiiz created the interior decoration section. You will find decorative items such as original cushions, lamps, decorative trays.

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Decoration: Decorative items

Interior design can’t be complete without original decorative items which show the design of your house or apartment while showcasing the personality of your interior and your own personality at the same time.

In this category we offer different decorative items such as original cushions for your living rooms and sofas, ottomans, decorative trays and coat racks.

Fabric and velvet cushions

You can choose from a choice of more than 30 fabric or velvet cushions that we update regularly. Diiiz cushions are available in many colours and textures. This wide choice of cushions allows you to choose the cushion which will best match the colour and style of your sofa.

The textures of Diiiz cushions are modern, combining lines, squares, geometric shapes or cushions with more classic patterns.

The choice of Diiiz cushion coverings has also been carefully selected from natural fabric materials for more comfort. The cushions and ottomans by SaintEsprit are a perfect example.

For decorative items, we offer original decorative items such as trays or coat racks by SaintEsprit.

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