Discover a wide choice of posters and original wall posters. Personalize yourhome thanks to our numerous poster themes: Botanical posters, children's posters, vintage and retro posters. On Diiiz you will find the poster that will bring your interior decoration to the next level! All our posters are available in several sizes to easily be adapted to your interior and your tastes! Delivery in 8 days!

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An original wall poster: how to dress your interior space

Wall decoration is essential when decorating or transforming a new interior. The framing of modern or trendy posters is increasingly used to bring a personal touch to an interior that needs to be revitalised or simply finished. Whatever the style of your interior design, whether it is a living room, dining room, or a bedroom, there is a wall canvas which will perfectly fit your needs and taste.

Adding a lunar type wall poster to your bedroom will give it a new dimension and will adapt perfectly to your night space. For the living room, depending on the your decorative style, you can create a jumble of contemporary or Nordic posters that will give style to the interior space. Posters with geometric patterns, meanwhile, will be perfectly at home in a room with clean lines such as an office space.

A trendy series of modern and designer wall posters

To finish and personalise your interior decoration, Diiiz offers a brand new range of high-quality wall decoration items which cater to all styles: trendy geometric wall posters, hypnotic lunar posters, posters of exotic wild animals, refined contemporary posters and posters of Scandinavian nature.

For even more possibilities, Diiiz also allows you to complete your interior decoration with high-quality wall hangings such as bohemian macramés, ethnic macramé shelves and dream catchers with feathers or pompoms.

Collection of geometric posters, the must-haves of modern decoration

To bring some relief to your interior wall decoration, our geometric posters are a must-have of contemporary design. Whether you’re looking for a collection of Nordic style geometric posters or of gilded geometric design posters, these sleek graphic illustrations will bring a refined and understated style to your living room or work space. These unmissable wall decorations will certainly illuminate your interior!

Lunar wall posters to give another dimension to your interior decoration

The sleek design of our lunar prints will bring a new dimension to your interior design. The depth of these lunar posters will take you to a new universe. Be seduced by these modern lunar paintings which will transport you towards a modern design from another galaxy.

The animal poster series for a wild interior space

If you want to give a natural and wild side to your interior decoration, you will certainly be enthralled by our animal theme poster series. This collection of black and white posters will go with any type of colourful or neutral interior, and will bring a touch of wildness to your home.

High-quality, contemporary posters for timeless décor

Looking to warm up your home? Be seduced by our new collection of contemporary posters depicting the faces and bodies of women combining with natural elements. This series of high-quality posters will bring a touch of glamour and timelessness to your interior decoration.

Scandinavian nature paintings for a Nordic style interior decoration

If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, you will also like our nature themed Nordic style posters that will bring calm and serenity. These trendy, high-quality posters will fit perfectly with a sleek interior and will bring a touch of sophistication to an old interior. To enhance them, try combining these Scandinavian style Nordic paintings in different formats and with different frames.

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