Wall decorations

Wall decoration is essential when decorating or transforming a new interior. To finalize your space, Diiiz offers you its new collection of wall decorations.

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Wall decoration or how to bring relief to your interior decoration ?

Wall decoration is often put aside when it comes to interior decoration. Decorating the walls allows you to finalise your décor but also brings relief to your interior.

Bring a touch of originality to your interior by customising the walls and brightening up your living space. Wall decorations will make a room warmer and welcoming, whether it is the master bedroom, child’s bedroom, office, living room, kitchen or the dining room.

Add an ethnic touch in a bedroom with a modern dream catcher with feathers or pompom. In the living room, opt for a jumble of wall posters to dress the wall behind the sofa for example. In the entrance hall, the macramé wall shelf will be perfect for storing mail or keys. If you are looking for a wall decoration for the kitchen, consider a beige bohemian wall hanging.

A varied and trendy collect of wall decoration items

Diiiz offers a new range of trendy wall decoration items to allow infinite ways to personalise your home: bohemian macramé wall hangings, ethnic macramé wall shelf, boho chic wall weaving, trendy dreamcatchers, modern posters with geometric shapes, contemporary high-quality posters, Scandinavian Nordic paintings, photos of wild animals, or Scandinavian nature posters.  Whether the style is exotic, Scandinavian, bohemian, or graphic, our decorative items encompass a large number of interior decoration styles. All you have to do is choose which wall decoration suits you!

All high-quality wall decorations, rectangular designer postersbohemian dreamcatchers and decorative wall items* are delivered free of charge throughout the European Union!

*The complete collection of decorative items can be found in the cushion category, pouf category and poster category.

Dreamcatchers: an original wall decoration!

Today the dreamcatcher goes beyond its original function and is no longer only used to imprison bad dreams. The dreamcatcher has become a decorative item used as a wall hanging. The wall weave is an alternative to the classic frame and a new way to dress your walls.

Macramé, a trendy, bohemian wall decoration

With its undisputed trendiness, bohemian decoration, inspired by the nomadic world, offers a cocooned interior which is warm and authentic. The bohemian style allows you to travel with its soothing colours and natural materials.

Let the sun in by decorating your interior with our bohemian wall weavings. Macramé is a must-have and a flagship accessory for a bohemian style.

Macramé with a piece of driftwood exhibits beautiful craftsmanship and is finely finished. This wall hanging is beautifully made with twisted cotton threads which are then braided to obtain the graphic patterns. Opt for a macramé as a decorative piece without hesitation!

The ethnic macramé shelf as a wall hanging in your interior

If you like the macramé wall weaving, then you will also like the macramé rectangular wooden shelf! The variation of this wall decoration will allow you to add a decorative item, a plant, or a candle holder to enhance the bohemian macramé shelf. The bohemian style of this unique decorative item adds an exotic and charming touch to your interior.

All so soft with its shades of white and beige, this wall decoration with driftwood will bring joy to lovers of ethnic decoration.

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