Twin-arm Wall Light

Twin-arm wall light: the ideal light for your living room

Looking for a stylish and practical lighting fixture to enhance your living room?  Look no further: the twin-arm wall light is ideal for a living room.  Find out the advantages of this type of wall light, how to choose the right one, and how to install it.  

Why install a twin-arm wall light in your living room?

The twin-arm wall light is an extremely practical designer wall lamp.

  • It is light and elegant.  The twin-arm wall light doesn’t take up a lot of space visually.  It is therefore suitable for small and large living rooms.  
  • It integrates easily.  The twin-arm wall light is timeless and fits with any style of interior décor, whether Scandinavian, industrial, or glamorous. 
  • It is securely fixed.  As it is attached to the wall, there is no risk that the twin-arm wall light can be knocked over and damaged.  This is especially important if you have young children or pets.  This wall light can therefore be installed anywhere in the room without risk.
  • It can be used as a reading light.  The twin-arm wall light can double as a reading light if it is installed near an armchair, guaranteeing long cosy evenings getting lost in a book.

Choosing the right twin-arm wall light

Choosing the right wall lamp is very important.  A light is a decorative element that will last you a long time, as they have very long lifespans, usually several decades of functionality.  Here is how to choose the right twin-arm wall light for you.

Choose the style according to your décor and tastes

Twin-arm wall lights represent a style of designer wall lamps which all share the same basic characteristic.  However, there are several kinds of twin-arm wall lights.  They can be black, gold, or combine several colours.  They can be simple and minimalist, or highly detailed…Remember to consider your current décor when choosing your twin-arm wall light.  

The Spider wall lamp – a timeless model which suits all interior décor

Having a hard time deciding on which twin-arm wall light will best suit your living room?  Look at the Spider wall lamp.  This famous and timeless model is suitable for most interior styles and is a safe bet for those looking to acquire a designer wall lamp.  This model is also available in a one-arm version.

How to install a twin-arm wall light?

To install a twin-arm wall light, you can hire a professional or harness your inner handyman and install it yourself.  If you plan on installing the wall light yourself, follow these steps: 

  • Make sure you cut off the power before you start.
  • Hold the twin-arm wall light against the wall and mark the anchor points on the wall with a pencil.
  • Drill through the wall at the points you drew in pencil, checking that the anchor points are all at the same level.
  • Insert dowels into the holes you drilled.
  • Place the electric wires into the hole provided for this purpose and affix your wall light to the wall using screws.  
  • Make the electrical connections (or hire an electrician to do this) and finish installing your twin-arm wall light.

Where can you buy a twin-arm wall light?

Most lighting stores will stock twin-arm wall lights.  However, when buying a designer wall lamp, choose a supplier known for Its quality, such as Diiiz.  Indeed, designer lights are often more expensive than traditional lights, and it would be a shame to buy a poor quality one.  Some guarantees to look for: secure payment methods, a clear return policy and a price which doesn’t have hidden fees.

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