Designer Pendant Lights

Designer pendant lights: 6 essential models

Thinking of replacing your lights?  Why not install designer pendant lights?  These exceptional lights add character to your interior and instantly improve your decoration.  These are modern masterpieces that have their place in any interior. 

What is a designer pendant light?

Designer pendant lights are pendant lights which are suspended from the ceiling and were created by one of the big names in furniture design.

Why choose a designer pendant light?

Designer pendant lights are a decorative element that will inevitably attract the attention of your guests and give your interior a very special appearance.  But they’re not just stylish – they’re practical too.  Indeed, designer pendant lights are practical for everyday life and give out light in an optimal way.  They are therefore the ideal lights to complete your interior decoration whilst illuminating your room effectively and beautifully.  

Lighting designers you should know

But who are the pendant light designers?  Here are some big names from this area of design.

  • Tom Dixon: Self-taught British furniture designer Tom Dixon is the creator of several famous models, including the Fade pendant light.  He specializes in industrial design. 
  • Poul Henningsen: nicknamed Louis Poulsen, this Danish designer is also a writer.  He has created several models of iconic lighting that are characterized by an assembly of different layers reflecting the light.
  • Marcantonio Malerba: this Italian designer creates work around his favourite theme – the links between man and nature.  He surprises with unique creations such as the Monkey lamp series, created in collaboration with Seletti. 
  • Louis Weisdorf (Gubi): Scandinavian (Danish, to be exact) designer, Louis Weisdorf is known for his spherical and modular lights created in the 60s and 70s.  

6 must-have designer pendant lights

Looking for a timeless model, something that will last the test of time and will fit into your interior?  We have chosen the most essential designer pendant lights.

Maxo pendant light

Elegant and unique, the multifaceted Maxo pendant light reflects natural light during the day and lights up like a constellation of stars at night.  Its irregular shape is reminiscent of a diamond and gives a very luxurious and glamourous effect.  A must-have for living rooms, or any other relaxation spaces.

Globulo pendant light

The Globulo pendant light is unique in its kind.  Its adjustable sphere reveals geometric shapes, it can be orientated as you wish and has an industrial edge.  This designer pendant light is suitable for modern, contemporary, and Nordic style interiors.  It can be used as a bedside lamp, or as a main light source in the dining room or kitchen.

Flamino pendant light

The Flamino pendant light takes its name from its elongated shape.  Its inclined lampshade gives it an exotic air whilst remaining very restrained and elegant.  This pendant light is light and airy, and will be perfect for your restaurant, kitchen, or living room.

Maman pendant light

The Maman pendant light is a minimalist and original pendant light.  Suspended from the ceiling like a rosette, the Maman pendant light has no shade for a more refined and modern look.  An exceptional piece that will fit perfectly into industrial-style interiors.

Slice pendant light

The Slice pendant light embodies luxury and elegance.  Its semi-transparent bell lampshade gives out a soft and warm light.  Available in gold, copper, and silver, this light fixture is versatile and will perfectly accompany the decoration of your hallway, restaurant, hotel, or living room.

Eclipse pendant light

The Eclipse pendant light is the smallest of the models we have selected.  Made up of two interlocking chrome-coloured circles, it is elegant, modern, and discreet.  Install several Eclipse pendant lights in the same room for maximum effect.

How much does a designer pendant light cost?

Like all objects created by designers, the price of designer pendant lights can be quite high, costing up to several thousand euros.  Fortunately, it is possible to buy designer pendant lights without breaking the bank – from a quality designer furniture store with affordable prices.  At Diiiz, we offer a range of designer pendant lights for just a few hundred euros. 


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