Large designer pendant lights

Large designer pendant lights: which model suits your décor? [Quiz]

Looking to buy a large designer pendant light, but don’t know which model to choose?  Find out by answering the questions in this quiz.

Why choose a large designer pendant light?

Large designer pendant lights are exceptional light fixtures.  Voluminous, they can be light and airy or wide and very visible.  In any case, a designer pendant light is a centrepiece that will decorate a room and instantly add cachet.

But large designer pendant lights are not suitable for every interior.  If your room is small or has a low ceiling, it can quickly become cumbersome.  Answer the questions in our quiz to find out which designer pendant light is right for you. 


What room is the large designer pendant light intended for?

1. The kitchen

2. The living room (or another living room)

3. The bedroom

 How would you describe the decoration of your room?

1. Scandinavian

2. Glamorous

3. Contemporary

 What kind of lighting do you want?

1. Direct

2. Soft

3. Adjustable

 What is the size of your room?

1. Medium (20-30 m²)

2. Very large (> 30 m²)

3. Small (<20 m="" span="">

Over to you!  Write down the number corresponding to your answers, then see your results.

Majority 1s

You need direct light to be able to perform precise tasks, but you also want a fixture which looks good.  You like minimalism and modernity.  Here are some lighting choices for you:


  • Ellisse large pendant light – this pendant light is perfect for illuminating a modern or Scandinavian kitchen.  Made up of 3 adjustable circles, it is reminiscent of a planet lighting up the night sky.  It remains elegant despite its large size.
  • Agnès large pendant light – elegant and modern, the large Agnès pendant light is perfect above the table in your kitchen or dining room.  It perfectly lights up the room while offering a warm side.  Its colours blend wonderfully with the Scandinavian style.

Majority 2s

You like luxury, glamour, and seek to give your room a warm atmosphere.  You want a fixture that gives out a soft light whilst bringing an aesthetic side to the room.  Your room is large, so you have no constraints on the size of the light.  Here are a few choices that will go perfectly:

  • Trumpet Boots large pendant light – the Trumpet large pendant light is a distinctive model.  It is made up of 12 to 24 trumpets (depending on the size chosen) and gives out a very pleasant golden light.  This is a great choice for music lovers or simply for those who want to enjoy a high-end designer chandelier.
  • IKO large pendant light – this is a classic and understated model.  The IKO large pendant light will give you a soft mood light and will fit perfectly in glamorous and elegant interiors.  For very large rooms, it can have up to 19 bulbs.   
  • Spider 6-arm large designer pendant light – this is a large model and will be better suited to rooms with high ceilings.  However, the Spider 6-arm large pendant light is very practical.  Its adjustable arms can be orientated to direct the light wherever you want and allow you to create interesting light effects.

Majority 3s

You want to put a designer pendant light in a relatively small room and want to avoid a cluttered effect.  You wish you could adjust the light to suit your current task.  We have selected some pendant lights that suit your needs: 

  • Birds large pendant light – with its perched birds, the Birds large pendant light is an exceptional light.  It is available in several versions (3, 4, or 5 birds).  Despite its size, the Birds large pendant light is very light and will suit smaller rooms.  Its elegance will delight you for sure. 
  • Colta pendant light: slender, this large pendant light can easily find its place in a small space.  It can work on its own or with multiple copies.  To avoid the crowding effect, install a maximum of three.  Orient them to where you need the light the most.

If your room is too small to install a larger designer pendant light, don’t worry.  Most models are also available in a small version (for example, the Spider 2-arm pendant light, the Birds 1-bird pendant light, etc.)

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