Scandinavian bedside lamps

Our tips for choosing a Scandinavian bedside lamp

Scandinavian style is everywhere in 2021 – living rooms, kitchens, even bedrooms.  This style of interior décor is among the most popular and is here to stay.  Looking to buy a Scandinavian bedside lamp for your bedroom, or another room?  Here are our top tips on buying the right one.    

Why choose a Scandinavian bedside lamp?

Scandinavian bedside lamps are one of the most popular light fixtures.  Here’s why you’ll fall in love with them: 

  • They are designer bedside lamps.  Like all designer lighting, Scandinavian bedside lamps are a real decorative element in your home and add character.
  • They are practical for everyday life.  Scandinavian bedside lamps are not just a simple decorative element, they are very useful lights that you will use every day to read or before going to bed.  
  • They adapt to all styles.  Scandinavian bedside lamps are generally simple and minimalist.  They are obviously suited to a Scandinavian style interior, but they also go well with modern, contemporary, and industrial styles.  
  • They can be placed in several rooms.  You can use them in the bedroom, hallway, living room or as a desk lamp.

How to choose your Scandinavian bedside lamp?

To choose the most suitable Scandinavian bedside lamp for your interior, follow these tips: 

  • Choose an appropriately sized lamp: look at the size of your bedside table and choose your lamp accordingly.  A lamp which is too large will not be practical, and a lamp which is too tall will appear disproportionate.  
  • Choose a Scandinavian bedside lamp that matches your current décor: if your bedroom is already Scandinavian style, you can’t go wrong.  However, keep in mind the overall style of your home décor when making your decision so that you don’t end up with a bedside lamp that doesn’t blend with the rest of your room. 
  • Find a bulb that will enhance your lamp: for bedrooms and living rooms we recommend warm coloured bulbs to create a warm atmosphere.
  • Position your Scandinavian bedside lamp carefully in the room: if you are installing the lamp in your bedroom, the choice of placement is quite simple, and it will probably go on your bedside table.  But why not try something new and put it on a piece of furniture, like a coffee table, or in another room like a living room or kitchen?  Think about the place that will best highlight your Scandinavian bedside lamp

4 Scandinavian bedside lamp models not to be missed

Having a hard time choosing your Scandinavian bedside lamp or need a little inspiration?  We have chosen 4 famous models for you which all stand out due to their originality. 

The AGI bedside lamp

The designer AGI bedside lamp is multifunctional.  It emits a direct light and can be used in both a bedroom and office.  Its adjustable shade makes it very practical and easy to use.  Its elongated and unique shape coupled with its minimalist style make it a timeless model.  

Bat bedside lamp

The Bat bedside lamp is a unique model.  Its shape is reminiscent of a flower, whilst remaining a modern and refined Scandinavian bedside lamp.  A magnificent object that can sit on a coffee table or your bedside table. 

Massolo bedside lamp

The Massolo bedside lamp is a centre piece in its own right.  Despite its small size, it impresses with its shapes and elegance.  It emits a warm mood light and will make any room cosy and comfortable. 

ONDA bedside lamp

Delicate and elegant, the ONDA bedside lamp is very chic and perfect for your bedroom.  Its transparent glass shade gives a minimalist effect whilst giving out a soft and warm light.  It is ideal with a filament bulb, which will be perfectly highlighted by the shade. 

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