Modern Bedside Lamps

Modern bedside lamps: 5 questions to ask yourself to find the right one

Looking for a modern bedside lamp to furnish your bedroom?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to choose the right one.

1: What room is your modern bedside lamp intended for?

Before you start the search for the perfect modern bedside lamp, think about where you want to put it.  Bedside lamps are not only for a nightstand, but they can also be placed on a chest of drawers in your bedroom, in your entrance hall, or on the coffee table in your living room!  No matter where it is sat, it will look very stylish!  But you still have to choose the right model for the job!  For example, for it to be practical on your nightstand, it needs to be the right size.  In the living room, it must give out sufficient light for you to benefit from its lighting.   

2: What size is the cabinet that will accommodate your modern bedside lamp?

modern bedside lamp should be placed on a piece of furniture. They are too small to be placed on the floor, and they cannot be hung on the wall like a pendant light.  Keep in mind what furniture it will sit on when buying.  For example, if your modern bedside lamp is for your nightstand, make sure it is neither too wide nor too thin so that it doesn’t clutter the cabinet or look too small.  Also, choose the height of the lamp according to your needs (reading, mood lighting, etc.). For a piece of furniture in the living room or in the hall, choose a modern bedside lamp a little larger than what you would have chosen for your nightstand, because the piece of furniture where it will go will probably be much larger and a smaller lamp might appear out of proportion. 

3 : What will your modern bedside lamp be used for?

The modern bedside lamp has several uses.  They can provide direct light for reading in bed or on an armchair.  They can provide mood light or simply decorate the room.  To choose the right model, you need to know in advance what your lamp is going to be used for.  For example, a Monkey bedside lamp is ideal for decorating a room but will not be the most effective for reading.  A Bat bedside lamp, on the other hand, is perfect for reading whilst providing a gentle light.

4 : What is the style of your current decoration?

This question is one of the most important.  If you choose a modern bedside lamp that doesn’t fit your current decoration the result will not be very harmonious.  Like all designer bedside lamps, it will look pretty in the shop or catalogue, but once you get it home, you might regret your choice if you’ve not considered your existing decorative elements!  If your interior is minimalist, choose a modern bedside lamp in refined colours.  If your interior is industrial style, choose materials such as metal or wood.  If your room is luxurious or glamorous, golden tones will be a great choice.   

5 : How long would you like your modern bedside lamp to last before you change it?

Are you in the habit of changing your interior decoration every 3 years, or more likely to keep your furniture for as long as possible?  If you want to be able to keep your modern bedside lamp for a long time, it is better to choose a more neutral model that will be timeless and that you will never tire of.  If you fall for a lamp, make sure that you will still love it in a few years.  You can still buy it, and if you tire of it, simply install it on another piece of furniture or in another room to give it a new look.   

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