Black metal bedside lamps

5 decoration ideas featuring black metal bedside lamps

Like the style of black metal bedside lamps, but not sure how to match them with your interior décor?  Here are 5 decoration ideas ready to inspire you.

Why choose a black metal bedside lamp?

At first glance, black metal bedside lamps may seem imposing.  Why choose such a dark colour and cold material for a warm room like a bedroom?  Rest assured, black metal designer bedside lamps are still aesthetic decorative pieces and are perfect for decorating and lighting a bedroom.  Primarily, as they are designer bedside lamps, they are designed specifically to look good in a bedroom.  In addition, you can use a warm coloured bulb with them to contrast the black colour of the lamp without losing their aesthetic appearance.  Finally, they are ideal bedside lamps for modern or Scandinavian style interiors, making them a very fashionable model.  

#1: Black metal bedside lamps in colourful bedrooms

If your bedroom is already colourful, a black metal bedside lamp will add a pretty decoration to the room without upsetting the harmony of colours.  Black goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong!  A safe an effective option to beautifully decorate your colourful bedroom. 

#2: Black metal bedside lamps in a minimalist bedroom

Minimalism is another style which works well with black metal bedside lamps and is often a characteristic of modern or Scandinavian interiors.  The minimalist style is generally simple, devoid of any strong colour, and features furniture which has straight lines and elegant shapes.  Black metal bedside lamps work perfectly as they fit the minimalist colour scheme and are usually of a conventional shape.  

#3: Black metal bedside lamps in an office

Have you ever thought of installing a bedside lamp as lighting in your office?  If not, now’s the time!  Indeed, the only difference between a bedside lamp and a desk lamp is that the first offers a more subtle light whilst the second emits a more direct light.  But with a black metal bedside lamp like the AGI lamp, both uses are possible.  It looks just as stylish on a nightstand as it does on your desk, and it gives out a pleasant yet direct light that lets you read or work efficiently. Best of all, it is adjustable, so you can point it in the direction you need to carry out the task at hand.

#4: Black metal bedside lamps in the living room

Apart from the bedroom and office, your bedside lamp can also be used…in the living room!  Yes, this very versatile decorative object has many uses.  For example, the SPUN designer bedside lamp is incredibly stylish when installed in a modern or futuristic living room.  This black metal bedside lamp allows you to have a pleasant light while decorating your room with an object worthy of the best interior decorations. 

#5: Black metal bedside lamps next to an armchair

Do you have an armchair in your living room or bedroom and looking for an appropriate light to be able to read at night? Install a black metal bedside lamp on a coffee table next to your armchair.  In addition to being very aesthetic, it will allow you to have the light you need without having to turn on your main light, keeping the room cosy.

Like these ideas?  Consult our other articles on the subject and discover our full range of black metal bedside lamps!

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