Gold bedside lamps

Gold bedside lamps: this year’s essential lighting

Looking to replace your current bedside lamps with designer bedside lamps?  This year, gold is on trend.  Discover the advantages of gold bedside lamps and our top tips to matching them with your interior.  

Gold bedside lamps – a must-have for your home

Looking for a beautiful decorative object that is also functional?  Time for you to fall in love with gold bedside lamps. Practical and elegant, they suit any style of interior décor and immediately enhance the style of the room they are in. Here’s why gold bedside lamps are so popular: 

  • They adapt to any style of décor.  Whether you like glamour, chic, modern, or classic design, gold bedside lampswill go wonderfully with your current décor.  They suit any style without exception, you can’t go wrong!
  • They are timeless.  Gold is a timeless colour, and most models of gold bedside tables are too!  You will be able to keep your gold bedside table for years to come, and they will always be fashionable.
  • They are suitable for any room.  Tired of your décor and looking to give your interior décor a little youthful touch?  Move your gold bedside lamp to the living room or a console in the hallway.  The room will immediately appear very different to you (and you will not have to buy any additional decoration).
  • They come in many different models.  Since gold bedside tables are very popular, designers regularly create new models to satisfy their customers.  Gold is one of the widest used colours for designer lighting and you can choose from a vast selection! 

Our tips for matching your gold bedside table with your décor

Whilst gold bedside tables are suitable for any interior styles, some models will look better than others depending on your current décor.  Here are some tips for making the right choice:

  • If your room is minimalist, choose a gold bedside lamp with simple shapes and no unnecessary adornments.
  • If your room is traditional, choose a gold bedside lamp made from more traditional materials, for example, a wooden base.
  • If your room is modern, choose a designer bedside lamp in materials such as metal and a solid colour.  The Massolo bedside lamp is the perfect example of the ideal lamp for a modern interior.
  • If your room is Scandinavian style, choose a rather simple, even discreet, gold bedside lamp.  The Scandinavian style is based on the feeling of space and lightness in a room, and the decoration must add to this impression.   

Choose the right bulbs for your gold bedside lamp

Usually when you install a gold bedside lamp in a room, it is to have a warm, cosy light.  With the wrong bulbs, this effect is completely ruined!  Be sure to choose a bulb with a yellowish light in order to get the best effect from your gold bedside lamp.  If you are not sure, ask a salesperson to direct you to the most suitable bulb for your fixture.  An inexpensive and very effective trick to instantly improve the mood in the room concerned!

Your gold bedside lamp awaits you at Diiiz

Diiiz has a wide range of gold bedside lamps available at low prices suitable for any style of interior.  You can order your lamp online without having to travel, and we will manufacture it in our workshop before delivering it to your home.  You then have 14 days to return the lamp if it doesn't suit your needs, it is defective or it doesn't meet your expectations.  Discover all our models on our website!

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