Golden Designer Lighting

5 decorating ideas featuring golden designer lighting

Golden designer lighting is very trendy, elegant, and modern making them the ideal complement for any style of interior design.  Let yourself be inspired by these 5 decoration ideas featuring golden designer lighting

Types of golden designer lighting

Before we start, let’s revise the different types of golden designer lighting available:

  • Golden designer floor lamps: they provide additional lighting, or highlight a decorative element, such as a piece of art or a beautiful item of furniture.
  • Golden designer pendant lights: they light up the entire room and they come in a wide range of models.
  • Golden designer wall lamps: golden designer lights that hang on the wall provide lighting to a specific part of a room whilst contributing to the decoration.

#1 Golden designer lighting in an industrial style living room

Industrial is a style of interior design inspired by old factories which were turned into living spaces.  Picture concrete and exposed brick walls with wooden or worn metal furniture.  The paradox of industrial design is that it uses rustic furniture, colours, and objects but combines them in a thoroughly modern manner.

Gold features in the tones of industrial design alongside black, grey, brown and green.  Install a Void light above your living room table (available in black or solid wood), furnish the room with a beautiful leather armchair and designer black plastic or metal chairs, and add some green plants for a splash of colour. 

#2 Golden designer lighting in an exotic dining room

Looking for a little bit of originality and a touch of the exotic in your home? Why not opt for an exotic dining room?

Treat yourself and combine unexpected colours and materials such as exotic plants, velvet, and vibrant colours (pink, orange, etc.)

For traditionalist who want a hint of the exotic without going overboard, the Fade light will add a unique touch to your living room whilst still being chic and elegant.

For those who are looking for an exotic light to be the focal point in their dining room, they will love the perched birds light.  Combine this golden designer lighting piece with turquoise blue decorative elements and choose rare plants for a guaranteed exotic effect!

#3 Golden designer lighting in a music-themed living room

Are you a music lover? Why not install a music-themed designer light in your living room?  The Trumpet Boots light, available as a floor lamp or a pendant light, is made up of many small trumpets that sprout in an elegant way, recalling the shape of the instrument.  Combine your light with a velvet armchair for a lounge effect, or with any other style of interior design - industrial, glamorous, exotic, high-design, neon, Scandi – it goes with everything!

#4 Golden designer lighting for a luxurious bedroom

Do you like soft armchairs, simple tones, and refined decoration?  Opt for golden designer lighting for your bedside lamp.  Timeless, the Atollo lamp is a true centre piece and scatters the light in a subdued way.  The Massolo lamp can also be placed on a piece of furniture, or table, as a decorative object and accent light in any room of the house.  Combine the small and large versions of this example of golden designer lighting side by side for an even more striking effect.

#5 Golden designer lighting in a futuristic living room

Whether it is your dining room, living room, or even your stairwell, installing a futuristic looking example of golden designer lighting will immediately elevate your interior design.

The Agnès light is an elegant and modern chandelier with a hint of the futuristic.  The larger Crown light is also a good example of this.  These two designer lights are very popular for their apparent lightness and uniqueness.  They go perfectly with modern and contemporary interiors.

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