Choosing the right dining chairs

The dining room is one of the most used rooms in your home.  This is where you eat your meals, spend time with your family and host guests.  It is important to furnish it with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chairs to feel at home.  Find out how to choose your designer dining chairs and read our tips on how to match them with your interior.  

Why choose designer dining chairs?

There are many types of designer chairs for dining rooms.  This is probably the most common type of chair.  They are more than just decoration; they are also essential for everyday life.  

Designer chairs fulfil all the functions required of a dining room.  They are comfortable, beautiful, and come in many styles and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect model for your home.  They also add character to your interior and your guests will love them.

How to choose your designer dining chair?

To choose the right designer dining chair, there are several criteria to take into account. 

The materials used

The materials of your designer dining chairs set the tone and mood of a room.  Choose wood for a Scandi vibe, leather for a vintage feel and metal for a more industrial look. 


It is nicer to sit on a comfortable designer dining chair when spending lots of time around the table with friends or family.  Leather and fabric chairs are the most comfortable, but they stain more easily and can be clawed by pets.  If you have small children or pets, consider plastic kitchen chairs and cover the seat with a soft cushion for more comfort.

The backrest

The height of the backrest also influences the comfort of the chair.  The higher the backrest, the more comfortable it will be.  However, a high backrest is more associated with an older, more classic style, whilst low backrests are more modern. Moreover, chairs with low backs look better in smaller rooms, as they take up less space and are visually lighter than chairs with high backrests.


Designer dining chairs with armrests are more comfortable, but they are also bulkier and heavier visually.  They are more suited to larger rooms with plenty of space for them.  Otherwise, choose chairs without armrests which have a sleeker outline.

The upholstery

Your chair’s upholstery depends on the desired level of comfort as well as your tastes.  You can choose a chair made entirely of wood or plastic, or have an upholstered seat pad – leather, velvet, fabric, anything is possible!

Choosing the right designer dining chair for your interior

It’s not just about finding a comfortable chair that you like – it also needs to match your kitchen or dining room.  Here’s how to find the perfect chair for your home.

Choose your chairs to match the table

Your table is the closest visual element to your chairs.  They have to work together to make a harmonious whole.  Here are some tips for choosing the right chairs for your table:

  • If your table is made of wood, choose chairs with wood or in natural tones.
  • If your table is imposing, choose minimalist chairs.  Conversely, if your table is modest, you can afford to indulge with fancier designer dining chairs.
  • If your table has an industrial style, it will match perfectly with metal chairs.

Choose your chairs to match your décor

It is not only the style of the table that matters when it comes to choosing the right designer dining chairs for your dining room.  The décor of the room is also important.  If your kitchen is very modern, choose plastic or wooden chairs with a low back.  If it's more traditional, opt for high-back chairs in wood or leather.  The most important thing is to stay in tune with the general mood of the room. 

Mixing chairs in the dining room – is it a good idea?

More and more people are choosing to mix up styles by purchasing mismatched designer dining chairs.  It may seem daring, but this gives a very striking and modern aspect to the room.  Don’t go too far, choose chairs with the same tones or materials so that the room is harmonious.  For example, you can combine designer wooden bar stools with rattan chairs.

Dining chairs for children

Dining chairs for children should have a high seat to allow your little ones to sit at the table properly.  But you don't have to sacrifice the look of your dining room.  There are children's versions of most models of designer chairs.  You can also opt for highchairs so that you children are seated correctly at the dining table.  

As you can see, dining chairs are more than just a functional object.  they are an integral part of the decoration of your room and allow you to spend pleasant moments with family and friends. 

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