10 ideas for designer dining room chairs

Looking to replace the chairs in your dining room with designer chairs?  Comfortable and beautiful, designer chairs have it all and shouldn’t just be reserved for the living room.  Discover 10 ideas for designer dining chairs.

#1: Velvet designer dining chairs matched with a wooden table

Velvet is a very luxurious and warm material.  The vibrant colours associated with velvet are beautifully highlighted by natural wood tables as they add a neutral touch drawing attention to the chairs.

#2: Plastic designer dining chairs in a Scandinavian style dining room

The Scandinavian style is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and light colours.  White monocoque plastic chairs are very common in Scandinavian-style interiors.  White in generally chosen to contribute to the purity of the overall décor.  Small wooden details (chair legs, tables, lights…) bring a little warmth whilst remaining refined.  

#3: Metal designer dining chairs for an industrial style

Metal is everywhere in industrial style décor, usually in a dark colour such as black, dark green or grey.  Metal designer dining chairs pair beautifully with dark solid wooden tables.  Add green plants to counterbalance the cold feel of the metal and you have a very stylish dining room!

#4: Designer dining chairs for a rustic style dining room

A wicker designer dining chair gives a rustic aspect whilst still being very modern.  Light in colours, they go with Scandinavian, traditional, or ethnic furniture.  Wicker works particularly well with wooden tables and in a pale kitchen or dining room.




#5: Wooden chairs with a marble table

There are many models of designer chairs to go with a wood decorated dining room.  For a long time, wood was the most common material for kitchen and dining room chairs.  Today, you can choose from a vast range of tones and styles.  Your wooden chairs will be the perfect fit for a white marble table.

#6: Mismatched designer dining chairs

Mismatched chairs are the height of fashion.  Choose several models of chairs un different tones to make your kitchen or dining room extremely stylish and modern.  For example, choose plastic monohull chairs in assorted colours.  You can also play with materials.  Combine wood with wicker, plastic with fabric, etc.  Just be sure to choose similarly shaped chairs!

#7: High-back designer dining chairs

Designer dining chairs with a high back are more classic and are perfectly matched to traditional styles of interior décor.  A beautiful high back chair made from velvet or fabric is very comfortable and makes the room luxurious and charming.  

#8: The plastic chair for a modern and trendy look

The plastic chair is probably the most famous designer dining chair. The plastic chair Bella is very modern and unconventional. 

#9: Monocoque chair with (false) fur

Modern and minimalist, the Monocoque chair is everywhere!  In restaurants, cafés, hotel lobbies…and in the kitchen or dining room!  This designer dining chair is available is many colours, allowing you to choose a model suited to your décor.  Cover one or two of your chairs with fake fur in a contrasting colour (white for coloured chairs, beige or brown for white chairs…) for an effect worthy of a style magazine.  

#10: Wooden designer dining chair to go with a wooden table

Wooden chairs with wooden tables are a sure success.  Choose chairs the same colour as the table or vary the tones for a lighter look.  High or low back, with or without armrests…Wooden chairs are so varied that you are bound to find a model you love!

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