The plastic kitchen chair: an essential for a modern home

Plastic kitchen chairs have become a must-have item.  Elegant, minimalist and very chic, they pair perfectly with Scandinavian and modern interiors. Discover the advantages of plastic kitchen chairs as well as the most modern designs. 

Advantages of plastic kitchen chairs

Plastic kitchen chairs are very popular, and for good reason.  

  • They are inexpensive – since plastic is one of the cheapest materials to produce, plastic chairs are more affordable than leather or velvet chairs.
  • They are resistant – plastic is resistant to stains, scratches, knocks and shocks.  They are also long lasting and durable.
  • They are easy to maintain – the maintenance of plastic chairs is simple, quick, and infrequent.
  • There is a vast range to choose from – almost all models of designer dining chairs have a plastic equivalent.  Plastic comes in all shapes and sizes imaginable.

Different styles of plastic chairs

As we have seen, there are many models of plastic kitchen chairs.  Here are the different styles available:

    • The classic plastic chair – four legs and a high back, the classic chair lives up to its name.  However, it is more modern than a classic wooden or fabric chair.
    • The plastic cantilever chair – this chair is a variation of the classic chair, except that instead of having four legs, it only has one large leg at the front.
    • The plastic medallion chair – the plastic medallion chair is a revival of a chair from the time of the French kings.  It has an oval, medallion-shaped backrest, hence its name.
    • The plastic monocoque chair – the monocoque chair is a chair without armrests and a low rounded backrest which forms a "shell" around your back.  Its legs are usually diagonal and extend from the centre of the chair.
    • The "bee" plastic chair – the bee chair is a chair whose backrest and / or seat form patterns reminiscent of honeycomb.

    The best plastic kitchen chairs

    Having a hard time choosing your plastic kitchen chair?  Here is a selection of the most popular models

    The Monsters chair

    The plastic Monsters chair is spacious, comfortable, and very stylish.  It plays with empty space to create a light and airy impression whilst still providing good support.  The Monsters chair is stackable and its colour will not deteriorate in the sun, so it can also be used outdoors.

    The Glavo chair

    The plastic Glavo kitchen chair is a Scandinavian style monocoque chair with a low back.  It comes in many different colours and goes particularly well with a natural wooden table.

    The Vento chair

    The Vento plastic chair is a very distinct kitchen chair – it’s simple and uniform seat contrasts with its branched backrest.  Its soft and modern lines make it an excellent chair for modern or contemporary kitchens.

    The Belli chair

    The Belli plastic kitchen chair is a classic chair, but it is made entirely of plastic.  It is stackable and can be used outdoors.  This designer dining chair is very comfortable and is bursting with style.  It is perfect for chic and contemporary interiors.

    How to look after a plastic kitchen chair?

    As you can imagine, the maintenance of plastic kitchen chairs is very easy.  Using a wet cloth, gently rub the stains.  You can choose to add a few drops of detergent for more cleaning power.

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