Everything you need to know about designer tall kitchen chairs

Looking for the perfect chair for your bar table?  Discover our tips for choosing your designer tall kitchen chair.

Why choose a designer dining chair?

Tall chairs are in great demand, they can be placed in the kitchen around a high table or at a central island counter and coexist with designer dining chairs.  Here’s why they are so popular:

  • They are modern – designer tall kitchen chairs are the result of extensive creative pursuits and have been created by renowned designers.
  • They are comfortable – when designing tall chairs, designers also pay attention to comfort.  A good designer dining chair will be both pretty and comfortable.
  • They are versatile – there are many varieties of designer tall kitchen chairs allowing you to choose the model which best suits your interior design.




The style of your designer tall kitchen chair must be able to adapt to your interior decoration.  If your home is in a rather modern style, choose chairs which match.  If, on the other hand, you favour the classic styles, choose classic style chairs to compliment it.


The materials of which your chairs are made is also important.  They dictate the tone and can completely change the mood of a room.  

  • Leather is used in industrial and modern style kitchens.  Leather is a very regal material, but it is also one of the most difficult to use.  Avoid if you have pets who might decide to use the chair as a scratching post!
  • Plastic is the ideal material if you want to keep maintenance as low as possible.  It is found in Scandi and contemporary kitchens.
  • Wood is a material which suits all styles.  Light wood for Scandinavian or modern styles, dark for industrial or rustic styles.  A touch of wood, for example, just the legs of a plastic chair, is also an elegant feature.
  • Velvet is a glamourous and luxurious material. 


The model of designer tall kitchen chair you choose is important as you want it to suit your décor and be comfortable.  Backless models are easier to store but offer less comfort.  The models with fuller seats take up more space but are more comfortable for long periods of sittings.

Here are some famous models selected by our team.

The Mira tall chair

The Mira designer tall kitchen chair is a striking bar stool made entirely of plastic.  Light and compact, this chair is also very durable.  It is stackable and is suited for use outdoors.  It is crafted from one piece of plastic, and it will inevitably impress your guests. 

Lix tall chair

The Lix designer tall chair is a steel designer tall kitchen chair.  Its bistro style and height make it the perfect bar chair.  It blends beautifully with an industrial style kitchen and can also suit modern kitchens.  To top it off, there are around 10 different colours to choose from!

The Afteroom tall chair

Minimalist and functional, the Afteroom designer tall kitchen chair retains only the fundamentals to offer a comfortable seat and a simple, neutral style.  The Afteroom tall chair is ideal if your kitchen is already full of decorative elements, and you want something visually lighter.

The Bettie tall chair

The Bettie designer tall kitchen chair is both luxurious and comfortable.  Casual and elegant, it suits any style of interior decoration.  It is made of welded steel rods and its back is shaped like a shell.  A small, coloured cushion is placed of the seat for better comfort and a splash of colour.

The Veil tall chair

The Veil tall chair is aptly named as its single foot extends like a bridal train all around the seat.  Glamourous and modern, it will dd character to your kitchen.  Its coloured leather seat further adds to its luxurious effect.

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