What are the decor trends for 2021?

2021 has arrived with various and varied new trends to sweep away some of the trends of 2020.

Whether it’s colours, materials, features or decoration, there’s a lot of trends to uncover at the start of the year to get up to date or be inspired by the current style.

This year, the big trend is the return of natural materials. Simple, raw, and with a slightly worn appearance. This return to nature brings a certain style to an interior and make the space feel warmer.

After a hectic year, there seems to be a desire to create a comforting and safe interior through materials and colours…The reverse of the past year. This brings us nicely to the first décor trend of 2021:

 1. Colour

Just like every year, you’re wondering what will be the colour of 2021?

Pantone, the maker of colour charts, has revealed the trendsetting colour of the next 12 months. This year, there is not one trendy colour, but two! Always aligned with the hope and desire for a positive interior, these feelings will be communicated through two colours. The two colours are ultimate grey and illuminating yellow, two colours which, when used together, convey resilience.

So are you planning on a new sofa? To repaint? Or to buy a new rug for your living room? Don’t hesitate to mix yellow and grey for a guaranteed effect!

Another colour was also in fashion at the end of 2020: green. But not just any green! A green that takes us back to nature, to authenticity; like olive green or khaki. Find khaki green on our Jeanneret upholstered chair combined with its wooden structure, it will immerse you in a nature-like style.

 2. Natural elements

2021 heralds the great return of natural elements. Is it because the year we have just experienced has pushed us to get back to the essentials? Certainly.

 That’s why it has never been so comforting to incorporate a few elements that are reminiscent of nature. You can count on us for that! We have several pieces that are likely to seduce you in line with this natural trend. Our iconic Wishbone chair is made of rattan and will bring both an essence of nature and modernity to your interior. The CH25 chair by Diiiz will also create an authentic atmosphere with its oak design. And why not opt for our chandelier in wood and rope?

3. The new Scandinavian style

We have seen Scandinavian style again and again everywhere, it was the trendy style of 2020! Few people have escaped this excellent trend! That’s why we can’t give it up any time soon! This year, Scandinavian style is revisited! As before, it’s refined and designer, but is now associated with touches of industrial décor! Something with which to create a nice atmosphere…

Japandi is also a new version of Nordic style which combines Scandinavian style with Japanese aestheticism. Do you want to bring it into your home? Get rid of useless objects and keep only the functional items. Pair that with clean lines in neutral and minimalist tones and voila!

4. Curves

Forget about right angles in 2021, they’re too strict and symmetrical! Instead, opt for curved lines that will soften the atmosphere! They can be found everywhere; on a painting, our side tables, our sofas, our lights…They bring a soft touch, ideal for relaxing.

5. Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are becoming more and more trendy and are gradually featuring more in our homes. Not for its design, although many lounge chairs are very aesthetic and designed by great designers, but more so (once more) for their comfort! Its low and deep seat provides incredible comfort and well-being.

6. Rattan Cane

Continuing the spirit of returning to sustainable and authentic materials, you find the rattan cane trend again! And for that, we have theperfect piece of rattan furniture: the Jeanneret chair by Pierre Jeanneret. Available as a lounge chair or dining chair, without question it will be noticed!

This sustainable product joins a trend of eco-responsibility: the “slow life”. It’s more than just a simple trend, it’s a way of life that invites respects for others as well as the environment. From an interior decoration point of view, this means reducing consumption by favouring sustainable, local, and quality elements, for example.

7. Curly wool

Curly wool was one of our must have items in our 2020 wardrobes, and now it is dressing our sofas and stools! To the delight of our fans of comfort! In addition to being aesthetic with pretty neutral tones, curly wool is incredibly comfortable. It’s very much a designer material, with which to create a perfectly cosy little corner!

8. Corduroy

Velvet is still popular this year! But under a new guise: corduroy! We will be able to continue to see this much appreciated velvet on our pouffes, sofas and cushions but in a ribbed version in keeping with the trend.

9. Bold lighting

 In the past, the only point of lighting was to provide light. Today, they go far beyond this function. The aesthetic of the item is just as important. Character lamps are very trendy at the start of the year. Don’t hesitate to be inspired by our lighting category

10Home workspace

Remote working has become more and more important during 2020. But how do you organise your workspace at home to work in the best possible conditions? An office should ideally be practical and functional, without neglecting the visual aspect. Whether you have a vintage office, a simple worktop or a modern desk, don’t hesitate to add some elements to brighten up the space: a little greenery, some storage, a desk lamp or even some pretty frames that inspire you.

 You will understand that the trend for this year is in the spirit of comfort, there is a desire to make our interior a kind of refuge where we feel good and can relax. To achieve this, there is nothing like playing with coverings, colours, furniture and lighting. And do you also feel the need to make your interior reassuring?

But do we really have to keep up with all the latest decoration trends? Remember that origin of interior décor was an art which allowed us to showcase an interior but also allowed you to feel good psychologically in a space. Therefore, the best advice that we can give is to choose what is right for you. The best decoration is the one that you like. So choose, Dare, and Decorate! And let your personality shine through in the style of your interior.

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