Milan Furniture Fair 2018  

What to expect from the Milan Fiera del Mobile 2018?

Read Diiiz advices not to miss anything and optimize your visit in 48 hours.

This year again, the Milan Furniture Fair will take place in April in the Italian city of Design: Milan. The Milan Furniture Fair has become the most popular event of the year to discover the trends that will animate the world of the interior design in 2018 and 2019. The appointment is given from the 17th to 22th of April 2018 at the Rho exhibition Centre in Milan.                                                

Before packing our suitcases and taking our flight to Milan, Diiiz analyses the launch of the products announced by the Large Design Manufacturers.

A few months after the Salon du Meuble in Paris 2017, what will be the "Must See" not to be missed and what surprises await us at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2018?

Diiiz is embarking on an exercise to predict the trends that will be introduced by the major Italian and foreign furniture companies. Indeed, Milan will gather in April nearly 2000 exhibitors among which the most creative Companies of the sector.

2018 Materials trends: return of natural and noble materials

The ambition of the organizers of the Milan Furniture Fair 2018 is to reconnect the visitors with their emotions. "The art of interior design is to capture the desires of a generation in order to transform these new ways of life into objects of the everyday life."

In 2018, the interior designers will have to deal with two antagonistic trends related to two different customer profiles.

On the one hand, 2018 marks the return of natural materials, sober and authentic. Generation Y, now endowed with purchasing power, is sensitive to sustainable development, to natural materials - silk, natural fabrics, light cottons, rope, rattan come back in force. The style is sober but the materials are of quality and durable. The design is useful and ergonomic.

A special "Living Nature" pavilion will be built downtown Milan, on the Piazza del Duomo in front of the Palazzo Reale, to present sustainable trends through the 4 Seasons. The exhibition will be conducted by Studio Carlo Ratti Associati and will aim to present the link between habitat and nature in a greenhouse announced "2.0".

On the other hand, another group of customers wants to purchase the best after 10 years of crisis from which Europe finally comes out. The most demanding customers want to surround themselves with noble materials and are sensitive to sophisticated finishes. There is a real desire to bring the style of its interior decoration to a more luxurious and sophisticated level ... Some will even say to an "ostentatious" level. The Big Furnitures Manufactures are surfing on this trend and do not disappoint with some amazing objects!

 Marble and brass: the mix between the London chic and the Italian Palace

The English designer Bethan Gray, who delighted visitors during the 2017 edition of the Milan show, returns with a new collection of marble and brass coffee tables of an extraordinary quality and style. This year, Bethan Gray adds a collection of furniture with sophisticated finishes. The choice of materials is of the highest quality. Bethan Gray uses precious woods and integrates veneer and handmade marquetry.

The young English girl, Bethan Gray, succeeded in transporting the English Chic in the 21st century.

At the same time, Diiiz still seduces with its collection of Bella chairs in green, blue or pink velvet arranged around massive tables in golden brass. The chic is present and totally assumed!

Natural stones and marble will be widely used in interior design. Marble effect ceramics are becoming more and more realistic with the SLIMTECH TIMELESS marble collection from the Italian house Lea Ceramiche. Antonio Lupi also surprises us with a 100% white marble bathtub!

The lounge is divided into three sections: "Traditional, Design and Luxury": to admire the most luxurious rooms, do not hesitate to visit this last section!

Outdoor Terrace Layout: The Greek Islands Spirit

The outdoor space is not exempt from the 2018 decoration trends. The green and plant spaces are highlighted and the wood is used in combination with soft and comfortable fabrics. The outdoor furniture is no longer entirely made of plastic or wood. They are made of a mix of wood and of fabric. Garden furniture becomes as chic as indoor furniture.

Pastel colors are used in combination with some lighter woods while flamboyant colors rub elbows with exotic woods. The nature and bohemian atmosphere seduces!

The low chairs are made of rope and rattan and remind us of our holidays on the Greek islands.

This year, the promotion section of the "designers under 35 years" of the Milan Salon 2018, will highlight young designers from Latin America and Africa. These young designers highlight the return to the origins of materials, craftsmanship. We cannot wait to discover their proposals!

Fiera Del Mobile Di Milano 2018: re-edition of classic furniture in new colors :Highlight on 3 Manufacturers!

  • The PH5 Lamp - New Birthday Colors at Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is celebrating 60 years of the PH5 hanglamp this year. On this occasion, new colors will be published for an ever more modern look of this iconic suspension:

  • The Series 7 Chair - Reedited in Pearl Pink and Caspian Blue Velvet

The Series 7 chair was celebrating its anniversary in 2017 - The Franz Hansen House had made a splash with the release of new chair colors. This year Franz Hansen reissues new colors. Here are our two favorites :

-The Series 7 chair in pearly pink published in 2017 but still attractive
 -The CASPIAN Series 7 Velvet Blue Chair in collaboration with the Berlin House "Lala Berlin" will be presented in Milan for the first time this year.

  • Futuristic sofas and pastel colors at CASSINA

Casa CASSINA will present its new collection of sofas and armchairs in new colors of pastel and modern fabrics. Our two favorites are Konstantin Grcic's SOFT PROPS sofa in pale salmon fabric and the 552 Floe Insel sofa by the talented Patricia Urquoia in pastel blue. This Floe Insel sofa is modular and dynamic. A contemporary style of quality with asymmetrical and futuristic cuts.

2 Fairs in parallel with the Salone del Mobile: Eurocucina / FTK Fairs and the Workspace 3.0

This 57th edition of Milan Furniture Fair 2018 should not be missed. The Milan Furniture Fair is no longer just a trade show but a virtuoso of the most beautiful design objects of the year. Some will mark the world of interior design for decades.

The Milan Furniture Fair 2018 will also house two additional Fairs linked to the kitchen (Eurocucina / FTK) and the bathroom (Salone Internazionale del Bagno). According to the organizers, the kitchen of tomorrow will be even more interconnected. In addition, the kitchen will not only be a functional place but a place of exchange and emotions.

The WORKSPACE 3.0 space will be dedicated to the layout of work spaces and co-working offices. We spend practically as much time at work as at home. Businesses are aware of this, and budgets for workspaces are increasing. This part of the Salone del Mobile will present the latest trends and the best ideas for the design of workspaces.

 Diiiz New products launch: Fiera del Mobile Milan April 2018

  • Chairs and high stools made of velvet Diiiz

Diiiz will launch in April its collection of Velvet chairs and bar stools. Diiiz velvet chairs are inspired by Gubi's velvet chairs with a special Diiiz "Touch". Other models of chic gold and velvet chairs and bar stools inspired by this collection will follow in the coming months!

  • The collection of marble and brass coffee tables

In April, Diiiz will also introduce a new collection of 6 high-quality marble and brass coffee tables. The collection will include round marble and brass coffee tables as well as side tables. Black marble and white marble will be honoured.

Diiiz Favourites from the Milan Furnitures Fair

-       The French company ALKI which produces contemporary furniture made in the Basque Country

-       The French company SIFAS specializes in outdoor furniture and gardens

-       Bathroom furniture from the Italian company Antonio Lupi



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