4 reasons to adopt VELVET in your interior !


How to integrate velvet in a modern and chic interior

In fashion as in decoration, ‘Fashion comes in cycles’. This is noticeable with the recent return of the Art-deco trend in interior decoration and of materials associated with it: namely brass and the indescribable fabric which is velvet.

But how do you integrate this trendy and daring cloth, dating from the Middle Ages, without weighing down your interior or giving it an ‘old-fashioned’ look?

Don’t worry, this is what Diiiz will decrypt for you in this article!


It can seem mad and yet, velvet is a fabric which can go with a number of styles and interiors!

  • A touch of velvet can be used when incorporating an individual piece of furniture such as a velvet chair or velvet armchair, or a velvet sofa for example.
  • Incorporating some velvet through accessories like cushions or drapes is also a way to introduce the velvet trend with small steps.
  • And why not try a radical change in decor by combining several pieces of velvet for a ‘total look’ effect? ‘A three-seater sofa in blue velvet could then be placed in the centre of your living room, while two powder pink velvet poufs would make their appearance. You could also place powder pink Diiiz cushions on the sofa to clash with the royal blue velvet and bring out the powder pink of the two velvet and brass poufs’.  

However, make sure to harmonise the colours of the rest of the items in the room, in pastels or in more flamboyant colours depending on the atmosphere that you wish to give your interior.

3. USE VELVET TO UPGRADE YOUR INTERIOR: Integrate velvet to give your interior a chic and refined slant

Chic and soft at the same time, velvet automatically gives a refined and elegant edge to any interior. Listed in the flagship trends of 2020, velvet is loved for the elegant and classy side that it brings to your interior.

Combined with other chic colours or materials such as gold or copper ornaments, the inclusion of velvet in a living room, entrance hall, or dining room will put your home among the most chic and refined interiors.

Velvet is needed at different levels. It can be used to dress furniture, rugs, curtains or cushions. Different types of velvet exist, such as cotton velvet, silk velvet, or mohair velvet. The latter, by its hardiness, is most suitable for covering seats. The Diiiz team chose this one for the upholstery of Diiiz velvet chairs and 3-seater velvet sofas.

4. MANY COLOURS ARE AVAILABLE: But which colours of velvet to chose?

As colours give the overall tone of your interior, it is essential to chose the colours well.

In a space as important as a bedroom, indulge in comforting velvets such as Bordeaux velvet in midnight blue or even black. The Diiiz Zurich 160 double bed in royal blue is an exceptional success as far as double beds go from this point of view. These timeless colours make a space feel warm.

In a living room, there are several combinations that you can do:

  • Are you (a little) nostalgic? Adopt a retro velvet style with fuchsia, bottle green, pale pink or even ice blue colours.
  • For a ‘jungle’ atmosphere, contrast a tropical style with mustard yellow, reds or marine blue velvets. Use a single piece of velvet such as a sofa or an armchair in this colour.
  • Is your style more bohemian and woodland? Use yellow, white, or black velvets to accompany your macramé.
  • And if you want to be at the forefront of the trend, break away from the neutral look of your interior with orange, neon green, royal blue velvets...for a perfect pop.

Velvet is above all seen for its glossy appearance, however, know that there are also matte velvets and printed velvets.

Like glossy velvet, matte blends into any decoration style. It is a perfect companion for materials such as marble (dark or pastel velvet will emphasise the elegance), mahogany wood (red velvet is no longer associated with the world of shows!) or even brass (bright colours will accentuate its brilliance).

Both timeless and versatile, you will understand that today velvet is the must-have for any trendy interior. So...convinced?

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Anne Kirsch

Hello I am very interested in the GUI inspired chairs and bar stools in velvet. However I cannot use the colors you have available. Do you offer any taupe colored velvet? Or is it possible to send me a sample of the blue velvet? Kind regards Anne [email protected]

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