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The new trends of 2023 are daring and contain elements of neo-art-deco which creates a more sophisticated style. Noble material such as marble and brass are making a comeback and are trendier than ever.

Brass and marble, which were left aside for many years, are now the stars of the new trends. Favoured by many designers, decorators and architects these materials are at the centre of many interior design projects!

Interior design: an important element in everyday life.

Decoration and interior design have become omnipresent in everyday life. If you look around in bars, restaurants, public spaces and in your own house, you will notice that the search for creativity in detail is everywhere!

How to explain it?

Through interior design we attempt to reflect our personality and a sense of belonging by creating a unique and particular style. Being aware of the latest trends is essential when creating original and pleasant living spaces.

But how can I achieve that?

No panic! Diiiz has researched the matter and will keep you up to date with all the new trends to follow in 2023!

Learn how to use the indispensable items of this year, without falling into the ‘over the top or the ‘too little’

A trend that does not leave us in marble!

In the world of decoration, marble is far from losing its reverence. This elegant and precious material continues to seduce and…it’s not about to end!

Symbol of luxury and elegance, marble invades interiors. Its durability, chromatic nuances and veins make of it an authentic and quality material.

Marble has become an indispensable classic and a safe option for interior design projects. This luxurious mineral creates a contemporary, modern and design atmosphere.

Our tips to transform your interior into a trendy space without spending a fortune: ...everything is in the detail

Marble has to be used in small touches and with moderation. The ‘total marble look’ can create a cold and over the top feeling, except in the bathroom. Marble has the advantage of blending in and adapting perfectly to all styles.

Our tip is to use it for decoration objects such as vases, small coffee tables or lights. Many scenarios are allowed here, feel free to be creative!

Concerning colours, white and black are a solid value as they are timeless. White marble for elegance, black marble for a modern touch and green marble for the more audacious types!

Marble is without a doubt a decoration must have! It’s the contemporary and chic touch that is needed in your interior. So let yourself be carried by the trend without going over the top.

Give your interior that ‘bold as brass’ touch.

A symbol of art deco, brass shines in interior design. Very fashionable in the 30’s and then in the 70’s, brass is making a comeback in 2023 and can be used on furniture such as coffee tables. Brass creates an original, elegant and sparkly atmosphere in your living space.

The golden finish of brass associates well with wood, velvet, marble and textiles. To keep a certain harmony in your decor, brass should be used subtlety and sparingly in your design project.

Our tips to add some brass to your interior?

For a welcoming and modern atmosphere, combine the brass with darker colours such as black. The association of the black and the golden finish will bring style and light to the room. To create a more refined and sophisticated environment, brass should be mixed with lighter colours like white.

                                                   Table basse Bethan Gray

Diiiz tip: opt for the Tom Dixon inspired lights, they are available in black/gold and white/gold ! The idea is to bring a different lighting to the room which creates a warm atmosphere. For those of you who are lucky to have high ceilings, the golden Sarfatti chandelier will enhance your interior.

                                          Table basse Bethan gray 2

Brass is the refined touch that was missing! Trendy restaurants and hotels have already adopted this original and authentic material. It will bring a trendy and cosy connotation to your space.

Diiz’s favourite duo: the golden brass and marble coffee table!

Brass and marble for a daring and successful mix! Create a different style by associating these noble materials. It is a winning combination to bring contrast and add some highlights to your decoration. The cold side of marble is softened by the warmth of the brass, which creates a delicate and original result.

In 2023, coffee tables will be round, interiors will be more Fen Shui and the angles will be rounded for a better flow of energy and optimum wellbeing.

Marble and brass are therefore the prefect alliance for a contemporary, elegant, timeless and Feng Shui interior!

Discover the marble and brass Diiiz collection

Combine practicality and beauty with Diiiz’s collection of brass and marble coffee tablesThe coffee table is no longer just useful it’s also part of your decoration. This small piece of furniture will bring an art deco touch to your room. An elegant and designer coffee table that will not go unnoticed! You will be able to put a lamp, a few candles or magazines on it. Discover the Diiiz’s collection of 6 marble and brass coffee tables.


The Arco lamp with a marble base is an icon interior design feature. This free standing lamp is timeless and goes well with a large range of styles. The Arco light often replaces an overhead light, above a table for example in the living room or dining room. The original shape of the Arco light makes it a staple and approved item in the interior design world!


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