How to integrate curly wool into your interior ?

Curly wool is gradually invading our interiors. It is a guarantee of a cosy and trendy interior!

On your sofas, poufs and small decorations, the soft and textured material of curly wool makes you want to wrap yourself in it. This material, which is particularly cosy in extremely cold temperatures, will certainly make winter more agreeable.

Its composition of natural material makes curly wool as equally enjoyable in spring and summer.

Its texture is very similar to that of sheep’s wool, reminding you of its natural side, which is also admired in décor. Do you like the style? We tell all on explanations, combinations, advice and maintenance!

What is curly wool ?

Curly wool, or bouclé, is characterised by its warm, soft and particularly comfortable visual aspect. It is the result of the assembly of irregular threads. It can also be created with curly threads, which give it its thick, curly appearance.

As well as its soft, fluffy material, curly wool warms the atmosphere of a room. This is why there is a trend to use these materials in rooms that invite calm and relaxation, such as a bedroom or living room.

Curly wool has the advantage of not wrinkling, unlike other materials. It is also durable and very insulating. Curly wool is especially appealing as it recalls nature.

Curly wool: a 2021 trend ?

As mentioned in our article in 2021 trends, curly wool is an integral part of this year’s trends! After our clothes, it’s time to dress our furniture in their most beautiful curly clothes! This sheep’s wool effect will capture all lovers of design! This cocooning material wants to create a reassuring ambiance, well needed after the unprecedented year of 2020.

This trend is both comfortable and sophisticated, and can be found on our sofas, armchairs, throws, cushions and even rugs. Curly wool will bring a contemporary atmosphere to a room, or the opposite, a more rustic feeling, depending on itscombinations.

Curly wool is most often seen in light and neutral tones such as white, beige and cream. At Diiiz, it is also available in black, camel, pink (old pink or pale pink) blue and grey.

How to combine curly wool for a harmonious look ?

This curly wool trend is very elegant, however it’s still important to know how to combine it correctly. Although curly wool goes well with numerous styles (either in a little touch or a total look), here are our tips to get the look you want!

If you’re going for a rustic but chic look, combine curly wool with wood, cane, or even rattan! These materials go together perfectly. White curly wool also goes with warmer colours like terracotta.
To style a bedroom, play with accessories! Opt for some elements in curly wool, 1 or 2 cushions matched to your blanket or rug or a lovely, cosy sensation when getting out of bed!

This trend has grown so quickly in a short time that there are some unexpected items that can be found: a notebook, a laptop case or even a cap. So don’t hesitate to play with details and place them in a corner of your nightstand for example.

Curly wool is the type of material that is very clean and simple, an armchair in this material would blend in perfectly with a Scandinavian design interior. And finally, for a contemporary look, opt for armchairs with round lines upholstered in cosy curly wool! For this, the Ibiza armchair would be ideal !

Where to buy curly wool furniture ?

Obviously, at Diiiz, we’re not going to talk about such a super trendy material without offering it! So here are some of our armchairs which are available in (or very soon to be available in) this coveted material.

Ibiza armchair

A low seat, essentially round shapes, a simplicity and a contemporary look, of course connoisseurs will already be familiar with it! Diiiz sells the Ibiza armchair.

Straight out of the new 2021 new collection, the Ibiza armchair from Diiiz is only available in curly wool.

Swan 3320 chair

The Swan lounge chair from Diiiz is already available in fabric, cashmere, and leather. And now it is launching in its curly wool version! This chair is known for being one of the most beautiful creations of the Scandinavian modernist movement.

As its name indicates, the Swan chair represents a swan. Its design in the form of a swan that is stretching its wings. What could be more elegant? Its seductive curves, its comfortable armrests and its comfort will undoubtably satisfy you!

Orange Slice chair and ottoman

The Orange Slice chair already exists in leather and cashmere. And clearly, it has already delighted so many deco lovers in those two versions. However, Diiiz loves to always offer you more combinations and possibilities! That’s why, the Orange Slice design chair, as well as its matching ottoman, is now available in curly wool!  This armchair and footrest will be the ideal companions for your evening reading!

Poet 2 seater sofa

Are you totally won over by the curly wool trend? Do you want something more imposing than a chair or armchair that reflects this trend? Look no further! We have what you need ? The Poet sofa, originally in cashmere, is now available in curly wool. Its Scandinavian design will dress your interior with a lot of originality.

Platner chair

At the other end of the spectrum from the Platner chair, do you like curly wool but would prefer to add delicate little touches? The Platner chair can meet your expectations! Its elegant shapes, triumphant looking steel frame, and its comfy little look thanks to the curly wool will never leave you indifferent!

Magali armchair

This pretty Magali armchair is the perfect compromise between a cane chair and a curly wool chair. The two materials go together perfectly for a warm and modern look.

This armchair also exists in orange velvet, ideal for brightening up and bringing pretty tones to your interior!

How to care for curly wool ? 

Curly wool is super trendy! But you should be aware of care needed for this delicate material! In fact, curly wool is a fragile material, so it should be cared for in a particular way.

  • To avoid the accumulation of small particles of dirt, vacuum regularly.
  • If a spot is accidentally made on your item, try to clean it immediately while it is still damp using a microfibre cloth, a gentle soap, and water. Use circular movements and allow to air dry.
  • Once a stain dries, it will be more stubborn and complicated to remove. We recommend you contact a professional for sensitive materials.

In summary, we risk seeing curly wool everywhere this year! In small delicate touches as well as a total look, on armchairs and rugs, in neutral tones or brighter colours, it will be warmly welcomed by all design lovers! Particularly appreciated for its reassuring and comforting material, it is also an excellent choice aesthetically!


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