Diiiz : Hans Wegner: the organic functionality of wooden chairs

Of all the many wonderful and inspiring 20th century chair designs out there, those created by Hans Wegner are perhaps the most elegant and elemental. A perfect example of the Danish design school, his world-renowned wooden chair designs use clean lines and simplicity to create what he called ‘organic functionality’.

The Man

Born in 1914, Hans Wegner was first apprenticed to a master cabinet maker by the name of H. F. Stahlberg. This was where he first learned to handle wood; the material he favoured throughout his career. Wegner understood the natural beauty of wood; that each piece is unique, yet the material itself is dependable and consistent.

In 1936, he began designing wooden furniture for the first time. Among his many projects lay furnishing the city hall of Aarhus. He designed over 500 chairs in his lifetime and many furniture makers still take inspiration from his designs today. Let’s take a look at some of his most iconic chairs

“The Chair”

This is amongst the simplest of Wegner’s designs. Dubbed simply "The Chair”, it is sleek, modest, and timeless. It is nothing but the seat and a curved backrest. The ergonomic design has been favoured by many throughout the years; including American President John F. Kennedy, who found that the chair helped with his chronic back pain.

The Wishbone

The Wishbone CH24 Chair is another very iconic design from Wegner. Instead of having an open back like “The Chair”, it has a branching backpiece which resembles a wishbone. It was a huge commercial success, and has remained in production for over 67 years. Its rattan seat makes it versatile and hardy.  

The Dining Chair

The wooden CH23 Chair is a perfect choice for anyone searching for a understated but classic dining chair for their home. It consists of nothing but the seat and the back piece. The seat itself is constructed from a woven paper cord which is extremely durable and long lasting. Whether you want a chair made from a single piece of wood or contrasting elements for a more eye-catching design, this is sure to be a brilliant addition to your home.

The Tripod

The CH07 Shell Chair (or Tripod Chair) is one many will recognise. It’s name refers to the beautiful shell-like shape of it seat and it’s three legs. It remains a much-loved classic to this today, and anyone seeking to emulate the Danish style within their home should have one. Firm, supportive, and generous with space, this chair will be an excellent addition no matter where you choose to display it in your home.

Add a Piece of Wegner to Your Home Now

The brilliance of the Hans Wegner’s chairs comes from their balance between functionality and subtle beauty. If you’re decorating a dining room, living room, office, or bedroom, there is undoubtedly a perfect solution among Hans Wegner many designs. Whether you’re looking for a stand out piece, or day-to-day seating solutions for your home, take a look through our range of beautiful Hans Wegner chairs.



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