5 inspiring garden chair solutions

The garden is a great place to relax and unwind. Whether you are a social person who loves to gather with friends and family during long summer nights or you simply love a quiet contemplation in the morning with a coffee, there are many reasons why you would choose to head out into your garden.

Choosing the right garden furniture can not only complete your garden’s aesthetic, but can also help to create the perfect outdoor safe haven. Here are some of our favorite  garden and outdoor chairs for you to consider.

The Acapulco Chair

This vintage chair would look fantastic in a number of contemporary gardens. The Acapulco chair is highly inspired by Mexican designs from the 1950s, which is reflected in its distinctive shape. While highly versatile, we think this stunning chair would look best in a modern, manicured garden surrounded by year-round perennials.

The HYGE Chair

Modern and elegant, the Hyge chair draws from the Scandinavian style which uses clean and delicate lines. Made entirely from stainless steel, this is a chair for patios and terraces. If you have a beautiful outside entertaining area where you love to receive visitors, this is the perfect chair for you!

The Hyge Lounge Chair

If you liked the Hee chair, you might want to consider adding a Hyge lounge chair or two. This version has a much wider and lower seat and is designed for relaxing. We think it would be perfect to perch on either poolside or next to a pond depending on the style of your garden. It is one a great choice for anyone who loves modern chairs.

The Viento Chair

If you are looking to create a barbeque area with a twist, you should check out the Viento chair. It has a funky yet sophisticated design and is available in a range of different colours – making it a great was to add a sense of fun to your garden. We think it would look best in a bright and bold garden with flowers in abundance.

The Masters Chair

While the Masters chair works both inside and outside, its beautiful and distinctive design has an organic feel that makes it perfect for a garden. It is a stunning piece which manages to look simultaneously modern yet classic. Given it’s design, we think it would be best placed in a slightly overgrown garden in a hidden seating area. It would be a joy to stumble across.

While each one of these chairs would fit beautifully into the types of gardens we have suggested, they are all highly versatile and so would work well in a wide variety of contexts. With the right styling, you can easily create a relaxing space which everyone you know can enjoy. Don’t let you garden chairs be an afterthought to the landscaping of the garden – make them an intrinsic part of your plan. The right garden furniture can add a wonderful extra something to an already beautiful space, so take a look around dour site and think about what would fit in with your home.

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